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Software Update, 9/30
Justin Ober

Hello, again!

We decided to forego a release of new features two weeks ago in order to focus on stability during the busy back-to-school season. That means this release has a bunch of enhancements and new features!

In Composer, we've removed the SEO options from the Bulk Edit menu in the left nav - it was too easy to override custom page settings in bulk with that feature. SEO settings can still be found on individual Page Settings windows.

Posts has received a number of updates. We've optimized the way thumbnails flow to social media platforms when posts are shared. Bulk Permissions settings now allow you to grant admin privileges to groups - if you have blogs that are maintained by folks at your school who aren't site administrators, this is a great way to manage their access rights. Check out the full list of Posts enhancements below.

Redirects manager is getting some attention this week to fix some less-than-ideal behavior. (We're making it so that redirects are no longer case-sensitive, and consolidating mixed-case redirects into a single redirect page.) We aren't going to put sites into read-only mode for this, but since this change will impact existing data we'd like to politely request that you avoid creating any new redirects if at all possible during the maintenance window this weekend. We don't expect any difficulties, but keeping things less complicated is always preferable!

We are moving ahead with our plans to convert all sites to HTTPS by default in the coming weeks. Watch the admin notices you see when logging into your site for more details about what that process entails. If you haven't yet, we're encouraging site admins to prepare for the HTTPS conversion by setting embedded content to use the same security protocol as the page where it's displayed. Again, we'll be in touch with more details before this change is finalized.

Keep reading for a breakdown of what else is new in Finalsite.


  • We've made the animations on PagePop indicators much smoother.
  • SEO options have been removed from the "Bulk Update" tool in the left nav bar for site admins. In most cases, SEO adjustments are made to individual pages and not to entire groups of pages. Therefore this feature was far more likely to accidentally erase SEO adjustments rather than to deliberately create them. If you do need to update a bunch of pages at once, Finalsite Support can handle bulk SEO updates for you going forward. Individual pages can still be updated by going to Page Settings > SEO tab. The other options in Bulk Edits (Search/Nav visibility and page security protocol) will remain in place.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Calendar Tools element to correctly display site calendars when the Calendar element it's paired with is configured to display only Athletic Team events.


  • The latest version of the content editor will now automatically save updated content when the user clicks outside of the text area. This brings its functionality back in line with the previous version.


  • Switched the order of the "Cancel" and "Submit" buttons when submitting Gradebook Comments so that they're consistent with other similar confirmation windows.


  • Constituent Manager will now consistently show the defined "display name" of whatever Blackbaud feed a user is associated with, because the integration type label that's currently shown may or may not be useful.


  • A Board must have a Default Post Page configured in order to send alerts (so that if users click on a link in an Alert, they'll have a site page to 'land' on). The checkboxes that activate RSS feeds and Alert subscriptions for a given Board will be disabled if that Board does not have a Default Post Page set.
  • Issue elements for Posts Publications can now target a specific Issue when opening links on a targeted page.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the "Content Details" section from expanding after a Posts Publications element was set to the "Single" subtype.
  • Posts shared to social media platforms will now retain their thumbnails on the destination platform, if one is set. If no thumbnail is set for the post but a thumbnail is set for the Board it's on, the Board thumbnail will be shared to social media along with the post.
  • Bulk Permissions controls have been added to Boards. These allow you to set entire groups of Constituents (not admins!) to have certain updating privileges on specific Boards. One example of this would be to give all of the members of the Class of 1997 permission to add new posts to a board for Alumni from that time, or to give all Parents access to post to a Parent's Association board.
  • Fixed Post element display settings to work as expected with Date Range, Day Range, and Current Week/Month conditionals.
  • The Post Tools element will now work on all content when it's paired with a Posts element that's set to display both Collections and Boards (previously, the Tools controls only affected posts being pulled in from a Board, not those pulled in from a Collection.)
  • We've added the ability to Preview upcoming Issues in a Publication before they're actually published.

Redirects Manager

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing previously-created redirects from appearing in the Manager after the page that they referenced had been deleted.
  • Redirect URLs are no longer case-sensitive. We're updating existing Redirect URLs to reflect this and to remove any resulting duplicates.

Registration Manager

  • Confirmation emails that are automatically generated by Registration Manager are now ADA-compliant thanks to a style update.

Site Search (New)

  • Corrected a global CSS declaration that was compressing line heights on search results and cutting off text at the bottom.