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Software Updates, 11/29
Keegan Soncha

Hi Everyone!

It's time for a new edition of our software update blog!

We are continuing to work towards full HTTPS conversion. We have begun converting a small number of sites fully over to HTTPS. We will announce in an admin notice when we begin a more global update of sites. Please keep an eye out for this message. Thank you for your patience while we are working towards secure connections everywhere on your site!

We will be releasing software updates with some new features for Posts Collections and some bug fixes for Finalsite Learn, Athletics, Composer, eNotify, and more!


  • Tabs will now stay in the set order after a page is published.


  • Permissions options have been added to Posts Collections so that portal users with access to Posts can access collections, as well.
  • Due to client requests, there is now a "View" option in Posts Rights, allowing users to see post titles so they can add them to collections.
  • For security purposes, you must now explicitly select a folder from Posts to display in a Board element in Composer. Note: If a Board element suddenly stops showing content after this release, check the settings on the Board element to make sure at least one folder is selected.
  • When using Dynamic Content elements in eNotify to include Posts content, message titles will now consistently link to the target when displaying an "External Redirect URL"-type post.

Finalsite Learn (LMS)

  • For those clients who are using our newest editor in Finalsite Learn, CK Editor, text in resources will appear correctly now.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing site errors when loading Recipient lists.
  • There is a new option in the Structure properties (right panel after clicking into a structure element) labeled "Do not stack on mobile". Checking this option will prevent your multiple columns from stacking when the email "responds" (for that row).

Groups Manager

  • When top-level groups are created, admin group rights will be added accordingly.


  • We corrected an issue where the biography field on Student Roster elements was displaying "(none provided)" instead of the content.
  • Google iCal feeds for athletic teams should now include all teams in the feed.

Page Pops

  • Page Pops in Page Manager should once again be paginated.


  • When users click the link back to a form after choosing "Save for Later," the form will now have the site styling intact.