Credential Reports in Constituent Manager
Justin Ober

Site Admins using Constituent Manager may notice a new link in the options there - the "Credential Report." Integration Deployment Project Manager Rob Rawcliffe has more information about this handy, time-saving tool:

Today saw the release of a long awaited utility, which allows Admin users to see a report about their constituents credentials.

The utility is housed in Constituent Manager under the "Settings" menu. It allows the Admin user to select a role, then create a number of reports outlining which credentials are being used in that role and where any duplicate usernames may exist.

The results include the details you requested via the filter selections, and the importIDs that the constituent has for their account.

The report lists:

  • Constituents' unique internal Finalsite ID
  • First and Last name
  • Username
  • Has Password (YES|NO)
  • Last login date
  • Any other ImportID's (for multiple-role users)
  • Source feed

Where a constituent is a dual or triple role user, those importID's will also be listed in the report.

The utility also allows for the easy export of the reports so potential problems can be fixed on a spreadsheet.

Credentials Report

(Click here to view screenshot in a new window)

Early reviews from Support Integration staff members has been positive:

  • Nice work on the new 'Credentials report' in CM... This should be a great time saver for support and should help the clients too! - Tyler
  • Super useful new report in constituent manager - Matt

Those guys work with data all day, and they volunteered those comments in our internal Support chat to the rest of the team. Check out this new feature and see what's got 'em all worked up!

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