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Getting emails into every inbox: How to troubleshoot and solve Messages issues
Grace Kelly

If a user contacts you advising that they are not receiving your regular communications, do you find yourself asking what the next step is?

If so, never fear! With our latest Knowledge Base article at hand, you can feel confident that all communications are reaching every inbox.

Here at Finalsite, we are 100% aware of the importance of excellent and reliable communication. 

Due to the immense changes in our daily lives over the last few months, we’ve all seen how reaching out to parents and students via email can be a crucial part of a healthy communication system. It helps schools and families stay connected, and we know how valuable that is.

This makes knowledge around the Messages module and email deliverability one of the most important aspects of your Finalsite experience.

To make sure you’re always prepared to face a Messages challenge, our Support team has put their collective heads together and forged a new Knowledge Base article that provides you with all the tools to troubleshoot and manage email deliverability issues via Messages. 

Our new article covers troubleshooting steps to take when a user hasn’t received your latest message, including:

  • How to tell if a user has unsubscribed, or if there’s a suppression against their email address

  • How to tell what caused that suppression and how to solve the issue

  • Unsubscribing and resubscribing users

  • Consent Preferences and what they mean for you

  • Global unsubscribes and how they work in Messages

  • Just when you should reach out to Support in relation to users not receiving messages

Troubleshoot recipients who are not
receiving emails in Messages

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If you’ve got a question or some feedback about any of the content in our new article, please leave a comment on the article, too. We’d love to hear from you!

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