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Learning about Messages - Getting Started
Vina Kapasiawala

I’m keen to start using the Messages Module in Composer to send out newsletters, invitations, news to my recipients!

Opening Messages from the Composer Module menu, I am presented with a menu of items to choose from. This list can be overwhelming at first but there is a particular order we use to get started in Messages.

Messages Menu


Here is a little summary of what each of the Menu items is used for:

Dashboard - Message Module activity including subscriber and message activity
Lists - Recipients who will receive the message
Messages - Bring together content, list, and send now or schedule 
Templates - Message content designed using our custom layouts
Dynamic Content - Create configurations to add to your template that are based on existing Posts, Athletics and/or Calendar Module content.
Find Recipient - View recipient history
Permissions - Global Rights to all areas in the Messages Module
Settings - Set your reply-to address, available fonts listing

In summary, message content is added to a template (with dynamic content if required), which is sent to a list of recipients, bundled in a new message. Thereafter, message activity can be viewed in dashboard, along with history of a subscriber in find recipient. Before messages are sent, the reply to address must be set which is configured in Settings. Finally rights can be granted to other Admin Groups in Permissions.

Check back next week for creating Message Lists

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