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Learning about Messages - Message Reports
Vina Kapasiawala

After a message has been successfully sent to your recipients you can view the report summary and detailed activity log for statistics.

Open a message from the Messages Message left menu.  Click on View Report at the bottom right of your Message 




The Summary screen displays recipient data:

Delivery - How many messages were successfully delivered.
Engagement - How many messages successfully delivered and opened.
Conversions - How many messages successfully delivered and link opened in message.
Lost Contacts - How many recipients unsubscribed.


Click on the Activity Log to gain detailed information about individual recipients message activity


Delivered - The message successfully delivered to recipient.
Opened - The message opened by recipient.
Clicked - The message has been clicked on by recipient.
Complained - The user marked the message as spam.
Bounced - The message could not be delivered.
Dropped - The message could not be delivered after 24 hours of attempts.

In the Summary field we can see the SMTP generated code.  You can look up code descriptions here.

Find Recipient which is accessed from the Messages Menu is really useful for viewing recipient history and subscriptions. Enter recipients email address and click on search.




Thank you for joining me on this Messages journey!

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