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Learning about Messages - Message Templates
Vina Kapasiawala

I have created my Message Lists and Dynamic Content configurations, I am now ready to design my content layout using templates.

Access Templates from the Messages Menu.

Messages Menu

I'm pleased there are several templates designs to choose from, as well as starting with a blank template.
Click on  + Template, enter a name and in the Select Template drop down menu I choose a default layout of One Column.

Template Editor
Using a default one column layout, the row and column structure is already in place, however, you can still edit the layout by deleting or adding new rows.

Message Template

I’d like to place an image at the top of my template similar to a header banner on a composer page.  My template already has an image element, click on browse to select an image.  Several options are available; 
Upload -  allows me to upload an image from my computer
Import - upload image from a list of available sources including facebook, google drive, instagram and more….
Search free photos - I am able to search three of the best sites that offer free high-quality photos.
Public or “Messages” Folders  - Access to Composer Resources and all sub- folders.

Working with images is effortless, I'm really pleased my existing Resources are easily available. 

Clicking in the headline text box allows me to change the example text with my own. Message Templates has its own editor, so there are many different font styles and sizes to choose from.
There is also an option to add a Merge Tags, I add First Name from the list of options, this will personalise my template and add the First Name from my Constituent List of recipients into each template.

Additionally, the area to the right side of the template shows me the elements that can be added to my template organised into three sections - Content (information), Rows (structure), Settings (layout)

I wish to add my Dynamic Content displayed in two columns, so I first select the Rows section and drag over the two column element.  In each of these columns, I drag over a dynamic content element.
Clicking on each dynamic element opens up the setting on the right-side.  I can choose which dynamic content to display in each one.

Message Template Custom


Other useful content I can add to my template:

  • Video - using Vimeo/YouTube URL
  • Social Media Icons - Configured to open my Social Media pages

Read Lauren's Blog on Making the Most of Messages for more tips on Message Templates.

Check back next week for putting Message List and Template together to send in Creating a Message.

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