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Learning About Resources - Creating Galleries
Vina Kapasiawala

My resources have been uploaded into Resources.  Thinking about my pages, in addition to displaying individual resources, I also want to display several images together to showcase a recent event.

I’m pleased I can use Galleries within Resources for this.  Galleries allow me to save multiple resources together. In many ways a Gallery works like a folder of resources you would like to display together. The galleries can then be added and displayed on pages in different ways.

Within Resources, to select many files at once, I can click on the tick next to each file.  

Once I have my files selected, I can choose Add to Existing Gallery if my gallery exists or Add to New Gallery to create a new gallery

I can access the main gallery section from:


Some useful things to remember:

  • I can add the same one resource to many different galleries.
  • Deleting a resource from a gallery, will not delete the resource from resources.
  • Your resource must exist in resources before it can be added to any galleries.

Check back next week for adding resources to pages.

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