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Jon's Corner: Web-Centric Future

After 10 plus years of running finalsite I’ve seen a good amount of water run under the bridge, sometimes over, but we figured out how to get through it.  One of the big changes I have seen is the push for web-centric software.

When we first started on this journey back in 1998, web software was a small percentage of the market. Since the push to cloud computing with software like Facebook, Salesforce, Google, and others, web-centric software has become more of the norm. Also books like The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google have helped us understand the changing landscape around us. 

At finalsite I truly see a very strong web-centric future. Our software is 100%% browser-based for desktop, and we plan to expand this environment to the mobile browser and mobile device applications. I believe that every product you purchase in the future needs to have an API and must have a percentage of the product that works on the web. 

The world is changing around us and we need to see the trends that are going to emerge over the next 5 to 10 years. One question I am often asked is, “What is the next big thing?” My answer is simple: It is here now. It’s called your mobile phone or, better yet, your smart phone. The possibilities are just starting to be tapped. Stay tuned and keep your ears/eyes on your phone.

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10-06 NEW: Convent of the Visitation School Mendota
Heights, MN

10-06 NEW: De La Salle College Oaklands Toronto,

10-06 LAUNCH: Cairo English School Mirage City, New Cairo, Egypt
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News You Can Use


Register Today! WebTech Events


Want free professional development just around the corner from your school? finalsite is holding WebTech Events across the U.S., into Canada, and beyond this year. WebTech Events offer educators like yourself the chance to learn about the latest in web trends, maximize the finalsite solutions you already have or are exploring, and network with colleagues from across the region. Light lunch and refreshments are served. See for a complete listing of upcoming events as well as more information. We hope to see you there!


New York City, NY
10/12/10 (SOLD OUT)
Hosted by: The Horace Mann School


Honolulu, HI
Hosted by: Punahou School

Calendar Memphis, TN
Hosted by: St. George's Independent School

San Francisco, CA
Hosted by: Mercy High School

see a listing of all our Web Tech Events >

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finalsite University 2011-Save the Date

Mark your calendars now: finalsite University will be held June 21 through 23, 2011 again at Avon Old Farms School in Avon, Connecticut. Pat Bassett, President of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and Pete Upham, Executive Director of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), will be our keynote speakers along with Jon Moser, President and Founder of finalsite. To register or for more information on hotels, etc., go to

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Webinar Spotlight-The Write Stuff: Content Strategy for Your School's Site


Engage and connect with your constituents using fresh, current and accurate content. This October 21st webinar highlights the concept of Content Strategy and how it can improve the usability of your website. Topics covered include: targeting and engaging your audience with quality content, writing for the right audience, writing for the web, updating content, and encouraging contribution. Also included are tips for promoting your new content such as search engine optimization, intuitive navigation, alerts, RSS feeds and more. To register or for information on other future finalsite webinars, go to
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Psst...The Holiday Chocolate Bars are Back!


Yes, it’s not quite Halloween but given the enthusiastic response we had over last year’s Break the Brick competition, we wanted to make sure you had a heads-up this year. Closer to the holidays, clients will receive a two pound chocolate bar as our way of saying thanks for a much-appreciated partnership. Once again, we’ll hold a contest for the most creative way of breaking the brick into edible pieces. Read more about the contest and last year’s winner at finalsiteShare. Get your thinking caps on!



Best Practices from finalsite Schools

“Keep it simple, positive, and in the same place.”

-Andrea Miller, Director of Communications, Friends Academy, Locust Valley, NY


Launching a new website design can be a time of transition for your community members, so make that transition as easy as possible. That’s what Friends Academy in Locust Valley, New York, did with its recent launch through an engaging and easy-to-navigate online guide.

The Director of Communications and Marketing Andrea Miller and Communications and Technology Specialist Amanda Fisk created the online guide to help constituents find their way through the new site and to help parents get used to the new portal environment. They also provided links to the old site in case some content had inadvertently not been migrated over.

To accompany this online guide, the team sent out a one page, full color explanation of the parent portal in their monthly e-newsletter. They’ve promoted the site in parent association meetings, parent emails, and information booths at upcoming back-to-school nights.

So far the response has been good. Parents love the new look and the portals, although some are still learning how to access the portals.  Andrea’s advice to building an online guide for your website, “Keep it simple, positive and in the same place.”

Teacher Tips

More On Using Drop Boxes & Rescources

Last month the Deployment team discussed sharing content between classes. They covered tips for sharing content on bulletin boards, calendar items, and discussions. This month, they’ll talk about Drop Box and Resources ideas.

Drop Boxes can be attached to multiple classes or cloned similar to a calendar event. The submissions are handled separately per class so the software will not lump everything together. The teacher can still maintain the separation of files but the event/drop box is the same for all classes. This means if it's attached to multiple classes the due date and time will be the same for all classes this drop box has been attached to. If the event is cloned they can change the event date and time as well as edit the drop box description.

Resources can be set to be shared both within just the classes a teacher has access to or the teacher can open the resources up to anyone who'd like to add them to her or his own pages. This has been useful for department-wide resources. Maybe the entire Math department has some shared files. Instead of having each teacher upload these individually, they can have one teacher upload the resources (maybe the department head) and then the other teachers can simply browse for the shared resource and add it to their own pages. Good luck!

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