Hit a Homerun for Athletics

A Home Run for Your Athletics Community

Athletic Directors love Finalsite because there is a single centralized place to manage the vast amount of information in real-time quickly and easily. You can schedule games, manage teams, and keep fans up to date with a simple interface that keeps your busy athletic program organized. With our mobile update feature, you can manage all of your teams and events wherever you are.

The Finalsite Platform for Athletics

Helping you create a more informed and engaged athletics community.

Our Athletics Manager is as Awesome as Your Starting QB

Understanding that often your most trafficked pages are athletics, Finalsite athletics manager goes deep and wide when it comes to scores, schedules, rosters and teams. Coaches can update scores with their phone; Athletics Directors can bulk upload season schedules; parents can view just their children’s sports schedule in one place. And pictures, news and all the accompanying material can quickly get posted so that the most visited pages stat that way.

Up-to-the-Minute Updates Made Possible

Subscriptions and text alerts make it easy to notify parents, fans and team players about a game time or location change. Our integration with Google Maps means game attendees can find directions to away games in just a couple of clicks.

Need to dismiss your team early? Athletic Manager integrates with the LMS and Attendance to show sports-related dismissals, so there's never a communication gap.

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