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Get back to what school’s really about with simple online tools that let you manage your classes and free up your time for actual teaching. The LMS’ mobile-friendly Blogs, DropBox and private social networking enrich your curriculum, while Gradebook and Attendance take care of essential tasks and give feedback in real time, all online.

Solutions for Educators

Simple Tools Teachers Love

Teachers love Finalsite for one big reason: it’s easy and it’s quick. Finalsite’s Learning Management System focuses on core tasks with as few clicks as possible. Attendance takes seconds to manage, posting a blog topic or discussion even less. Assignments can be managed completely paperless using the dropbox. Teachers also love the workload planning calendar that shows assignments across students and classes to make sure kids aren’t getting overloads.

And, because it’s responsive, everything can be done on any device.

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Seamless Grading Tool Integration

Integrations With Your Favorite Tools

Finalsite’s connections with so many Student Information Systems means the data is always accurate. Plus, our integrations with Google Docs and Crocodoc make for a seamless grading process from start to finish.

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secure and fast social network

A Social Learning Environment

Support for rich media, documents, threaded activity streams all aggregated for the teacher without any extra effort creates not only a learning environment but a social network that is secure and fast.

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