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New to Finalsite?

If you're a new site admin, using a new CMS can feel overwhelming. We want to make this process as easy for you as possible. Below are some valuable resources and helpful information you can use to get started.

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Getting Started

Finding Your Way

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See you at the next new admin orientation!

Everything you need to know right now about accessing your Finalsite services, how to attend training, and how to get help from our Support and Client Success Teams.

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Who helps you with your site?

There are several teams at Finalsite that will work with you directly or behind the scenes. Learn more about each team and how they can help!

From left: Josh Fulton, Ritsa Lafond, Keisha Croxton, and Greg MacDonald cheering before a Finalsite University wall banner
Daisey Fahringer presenting before a projector screen and navy blue curtains at Finalsite University 2020
Kosha Burnett (front) looks at dual computer screens with Jon Moser at Finalsite HQ
Meredith Kaplan and two Finalsite University Asia conference attendees, seated at laptops in a classroom
Tim McDonough standing with arms stretched wide before a Finalsite University wall banner
Anthony Tata (left) with a conference attendee, seated at a shared laptop on a round table
Ryan Nolan (right) seated at table with a Finalsite University 2020 conference attendee, before a large window
Alex Moreau (left) standing with Kathy Venezia (right) before a beige wall
Jon Moser (left) laughs with Alex Wack (right) in front of yellow and blue walls
Greg MacDonald (right) and Jason He (foreground) seated at laptops with a FSU 2020 conference attendee (center)
Keisha Croxton standing behind a podium, before a wood paneled wall.
Josh Fulton (left) seated at laptops with a FSU 2020 conference attendee, before 4 glass panel doors and a tropical plant
Carl Kreger (right) seated at a table with a FSU 2020 conference attendee (center), in front of a large carpeted atrium
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Feeling overwhelmed?

Schedule a call with the Client Success Team. Our goal is to make your school successful, which will make you look (and feel!) great.