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Getting Started with Composer?

We've got your back with the essentials to get started creating effective, accessible content.

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In addition to completing your courses on the self-paced Finalsite Training site, we've collected some tips, blogs, webinars, and knowledge base articles to help you learn key concepts and be successful following UX and accessibility best practices, while getting the most out of your Composer website.

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Page Editing Best Practices

Content Organization and Layout

As content managers, one of your main priorities is to make your visitors' browsing experience of your site enjoyable and easy to understand. Page layout and styling plays a large role in meeting that goal.

To help you get there, every Composer website has page formatting settings and content styles included that will help you to make your pages' content beautiful and interesting, and (equally important!) well organized for a good visitor experience, regardless of their device or browsing technology.

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We're ready to help and excited to get to know you!

If you're feeling stuck or want some advice we're really excited to meet you and ready to help! Contact the Support Team if you have a technical concern or how-to question. Contact your Client Success Team to talk strategy and best practices. And don't worry, if you're not sure who your question is for, pick either team and we'll make sure you get routed to the best people to help. 

Be sure to visit the Client Portal and Learning Center for additional tips and resources, too! 

Accessibility Compliance Basics

Formatting the text and media of your website so that all visitors have an equitable experience and are able to find the information they need is both a legal necessity and the right thing to do. 

While some rules of WCAG 2.1 compliance may feel complex, there are some easy first steps you can make every day while creating your content that will help you to stay compliant:

  1. Use a proper sequence for your headings.
  2. Always add alternate text (alt text) to your images and closed captioning to your videos.
  3. Avoid text saved within an image or video.
  4. Use clear language for links.

Ideas to get you started

Not sure of the best way to use some of your new Composer modules? Here are some of our favorite ways to use Posts, Messages, and Resources. And be sure to visit our design example library to see how other schools are using Composer modules to create engaging content!

Are you ready for more?

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Finalsite Blog

Visit and subscribe to the blog for the latest information about design, SEO, best practices, social media posting, and more!


Webinars & Study Groups

Attend training webinars or join a study group hosted by our Client Education team to learn something new or get help on a specific task.


Software Updates

Stay up to date with all of the latest Composer feature update releases.