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How to Request an Admin Login Account

Welcome to the Finalsite Family! We're excited to start working with you. 

If you do not yet have an administrator account, our teams can assist you with setting one up. In order to assist you, we will need someone to verify your access. Please choose the method below that is most appropriate for you.

Request a Composer Administrator Account

If you would like assistance setting up the account, please have an authorized representative from your school/district email Support from a valid school email address with your name, email address, the full school/district account name, and instructions as to whether you will be a full administrator or have restricted access to specific modules and tools. Authorized representatives include:

  • Current holders of full administrator rights within the site. 
  • Executive staff, such as the Headmaster, Head Teacher, Head of School, Superintendent, CFO, or Finance Director.
  • An administrative assistant to someone in the roles above, who is able to grant authorization on their behalf.

Note for New Sites in Deployment
If your school/district has just recently begun Deployment to build a new website, your project manager will assist you with setting up your administrator accounts. Please contact them via Mavenlink to request the appropriate accounts for your team. 

Request a SchoolAdmin Administrator Account

Existing SysAdmin account holders will typically manage adding new users and adjusting permissions. If your SysAdmins would like someone to walk them through adding an account, please have them login to SchoolAdmin and click the Contact Support button. They may also request a meeting with a client success manager.