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You and Your Finalsite Team

We’re here to help and guide you to achieve your goals throughout the entirety of your partnership with Finalsite.

Three Finalsite University attendees pose in front of an FSU backdrop with Finalsite's Tracy Tigchelar (right)

There are several teams at Finalsite working together to ensure that you and your community have the best website and communications experience possible. Some will work with you directly while you create and manage your site, and others work behind the scenes in critical roles that keep everything running smoothly.

Josh Fulton (left) assists a Finalsite University attendee in the conference center atrium

Customer Support

Support Team members are the experts that specialize in design, individual Finalsite products, data and integrations, and more—and they are your front line for help.

Contact Support when you need to:

Submit a Ticket
Reporting issues and requesting help are best sent via ticket. Multiple staff on your team, and here at Finalsite, can be included in the thread, keeping everyone up to date and in the loop.

Ask a Pressing Question
Questions sent to Support are triaged by priority and subject matter--ensuring that you’ll get the fastest response from your most knowledgeable teammates. 

Client Success

Ready when you are, client success managers know a little bit about everything and will be your guides and advocates for the length of your Finalsite partnership.

As the main points of contact, they are familiar with your Finalsite contract and arrange meetings with you to make sure all burning questions, current needs and big ideas are addressed.

Ryan Nolan (right) and a Finalsite University attendee at a laptop, in front of a large window

Contact Client Success when you want to:

Collaborate With Experts
Brainstorm your long-term website goals and how they tie to your strategic goals.

Add Design and Software
Add new modules, integrations, or consulting services to your current contract, or start a new redesign or digital marketing project.

Review Contract Details
Learn more about your Finalsite partnership and contract and ask questions about new Finalsite features.

Discover New Ideas
Explore online examples from other Finalsite clients for inspiration.

Keegan Soncha (left) sitting behind a large desk with an event attendee at her laptop

Client Education

Whether they’re hosting webinars and YouTube Livestreams, adding courses to Composer’s Training LMS for new modules, or leading virtual and in-person training sessions, the Client Education Team help you and your teams to learn the ins and outs of all things Finalsite.

The Client Education Team helps you to:

Locate Step-by-Step Instructions
Explore the Knowledge Base for step-by-step tutorials on using Composer. 

Feeling stuck? Tell support what you’re trying to create and they’ll point you to the right lessons. 

Learn Something New at Your Own Speed!
Anytime you’re ready, visit the training LMS links within Composer or SchoolAdmin to access our libraries of on-demand courses. 

Learn with your peers!
Bringing you together with other administrators using Finalsite’s platforms is one of our favorite things to do.


During a website redesign or small scale design changes, you’ll work with our Deployment Team. Our project managers, designers, front end developers, and QA specialists work together with you to make your sites look and run their best. 

A woman checking her smartphone at school
a laptop with a Zoom meeting on screen displaying attendees in a grid, beside a teal ceramic mug on a wooden table.


Whether authoring posts for our blog and social media or hosting events, such as Finalsite University and School Marketing Day, our Marketing Team is busy providing you with best practices resources, time saving tips, connections to other school website administrators, and all the best swag. 

Red Abbott presenting at Finalsite University 2020

Marketing Services

Our Consulting Services Team experts partner with schools to plan and achieve goals for SEO, digital advertising and marketing strategy planning. Whether you need help managing your ads, getting more organic qualified leads from Google, or get guidance to start an inbound marketing initiative, our team is ready to lead the way. And we even have a Virtual Webmaster service for the times when you're too busy to hop into Composer to manage your site!

Daisey Fahringer presenting before a projector screen and navy blue curtains at Finalsite University 2020

Product Development

Whether making new modules or feature updates, our Product Development Team takes great care to create software tools with school professionals’ needs in mind. 

Finalsite Ideas
Login via Composer to upvote feature suggestions from your peers that you’d love to have or submit your own. Your feedback has a critical role in our considerations for what we’ll build next!

Software Update Blog
Subscribe to stay in-the-know on all the latest updates and new features.

Dan Bonville presenting before a projector screen (right) and navy blue curtains at Finalsite University 2020

Infrastructure & Security

They won't often have an opportunity to talk to you directly. But, these amazing teams of developers, software engineers, cloud & reliability architects, QA engineers and analysts, automation engineers, infrastructure analysts, and IT managers keep our systems running smoothly in the cloud, your websites live (and bug free!), and your data secure, day in and day out!