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Improve your school's safety with real-time temperature monitoring of your community through NIRA Temp, a simple-to-use, wearable smart thermometer that provides real-time insight into the user's temperature and sends alerts at the first sign of an abnormal temperature.

With NIRA Temp, users can better ensure that they are healthy before, during, and after all social interactions to help protect against the spread of disease. Early fever detection and customizable alerts allow users to be proactive and take immediate, appropriate action.

A one-year subscription to the organization API and web-based dashboard is included so you can easily configure automatic alerts by email, text, and in-app display. The dashboard shows real-time indications of your community health and lists members who are of concern for immediate attention. Historical trends and reports allow organizations to measure progress and spot trends.


Nira Temp must be purchased directly from NIRA. 


  • Real Time Temperature Tracking
  • Fever Alerts For Early Fever Detection
  • Simple To Use, Comfortable, & Effective
  • Works 24/7 - One-Year Battery Life
  • Helps To Reduce The Spread Of Disease
  • Socialization With Peace Of Mind


  • Small, Comfortable Design
  • Customizable Health Alert System
  • Configure Department-Specific Alerts
  • Wireless Connection & Smartphone Integration
  • FDA, CE, HIPPA, & GDPR Compliant
  • Water-Resistant & Shockproof
  • Secure & Private Database