American Embassy School of New Delhi

An International in New Delhi, India

American Embassy School Delhi mobile homepage mockup

The American Embassy School of New Delhi's (AES) mission is to provide a balanced education defined by the joyful pursuit of excellence.  The school's custom-designed website won a Gold Award from the distinguished Hermes Creative Awards, and it's easy to see why; the site showcases their passion and diversity, their community and their successes — all on the scrolling mobile friendly homepage.  

The homepage infographic drives traffic to interior landing pages, the interactive world map showcases their diversity, and their Reasons to Believe section provides real stories to further authenticate all that makes the school so special. Dive deeper into the site and see the attention to detail and the powerful impact it has.



Scrolling Homepage

The scrolling homepage with hero videos, colorful graphics, and interactive elements draws in site visitors and encourages them to learn more. The core messaging:  international community, joyful pursuit of excellence, strengths at a glance, and reasons to believe tell their story succinctly through words and images.  First impressions matter, and this website excels.



Infographics Panel

Show don't tell. This interactive infographic highlights their key selling points: diversity in their student body and faculty, their rich extra-curricular activities, and student successes and further drives visitors deeper into the site to learn more.



Intuitive Navigation

AES provides site visitors with a friendly search panel, "What are you looking for?" when accessing the site navigation.  This makes it easy for visitors to quickly find information.  Once further into the site, the navigation and calls-to-action logically guide users to the appropriate information. 



Centralized Admissions

When prospective families land on the admissions page, they quickly learn the school's values and are provided with key information to learn more about AES, the divisions, the admissions process and key contact information. The well-organized page gives visitors a one-stop shop to all of the admissions information they need. 



Sharing a Beautiful Campus Online

With students from around the world, AES understands that prospective families cannot always visit before enrolling. Therefore, the 360 degree campus map on the website is critical for AES' recruitment strategy. Open spaces, classrooms and resources, beautiful trees, and sports fields show that a school in the heart of a large city, are all possible and inviting.  It's another great example of showing, not telling!



Multi Language Site

With over 60 nationalities represented, AES knows the importance of communicating with its community in multiple languages.  Visitors can easily toggle between six languages. This translation feature is powered by Weglot's API that integrates seamlessly into the school's website and supports more than 100 languages.



Website Footer

Your website footer - does anyone even read it? Yes! A good footer helps frame the page while providing key information that users want quick access to. From about, to tuition, social media and maps, this international school website's footer is strategic and well thought out.

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