Culford School

An Independent Day and Boarding School in Suffolk, England

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Culford School in Suffolk educates over 750 boys and girls from age 1 to 18 with boarding available from age 7.  In the Senior School, more than half the children are boarders. Culford is proud of their outstanding pastoral care and for their pupils’ superb academic and extra-curricular achievements.

As showcased on their homepage, the wide open lawn and grand main building in the distance is photosensory enough that it feels like you could almost just walk into your computer and visit this school. Following the homepage call-to-action to learn about this coed UK boarding school’s mission and values, leads to a similarly striking shot, this time with people, and, uniquely, two dogs scampering along; it almost seems too good to be true. But Culford is a real place with real people, complete with outstanding academics, pastoral care and extra curriculars.


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Nothing is more compelling than hearing from students and parents who have had a positive experience at Culford. The social proof of a well-written testimonial is extremely powerful and set up to be easy to scroll through and read within the homepage design.


screenshot of Culford School's homepage


Scrolling Homepage

The scrolling homepage with its strong logo and branding, immediately draws in site visitors and encourages them to learn more. The welcoming message, news and social media feeds, interactive infographics and call-to-actions tell a complete story of the school — without having to leave the homepage.


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Interactive School Buttons

Visitors are encouraged to "Start The Culford Journey" with four image buttons, segmented by age group. Each of the four schools has its own designated color that is consistent in both the buttons and respective school pages. Once a visitor clicks on their desired school, they are greeted with a letter from the Head of that school and more links to explore!


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Mega Navigation

A simple, organized meganav sends users to divisional pages, with easy distinction between main pages and subpages. Popular pages such as Calendar, Sports fixtures, and Term Dates, are also available as quick links in a sticky navigation. 


screenshot of Culford School's parent hub


Parent Hub

With a centralized hub, Culford provides important information that parents can easily access. This information is especially critical for keeping parents of boarding students informed and engaged. Interactive buttons show a finesse and refinement in keeping with the institution. 


screenshot of Culford School's swimming page


Sport and Academy Programmes

Sport is an important component of a Culford education.  Their new website showcases their comprehensive sport program as well as their academy programmes with full-width hero photography, student testimonials, coach information and more!



screenshot of Culford School's campus map


Interactive Campus Map

An interactive map gives prospective students a feel for the campus — especially important for prospective families who may not be able to visit in person. 

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