Legacy Early College

Public Charter School in South Carolina, USA 

Mobile Legacy Early College Screenshot

Legacy Early College is a public charter school in Greenville, South Carolina with students in elementary through high school. With a strong emphasis on the role of nutritional and physical health, the charter school provides a holistic education experience that allows its students to thrive academically.  To convey such a compelling value proposition with prospective families, donors, and teachers, the charter school chose a best-in-class package with Finalsite. 

This website's key features include: 

  • An interactive Health and Nutrition design panel to share their differentiators
  • Interactive calls-to-action to encourage conversions
  • Homepage video with overlay to engage website visitors
  • Customized testimonial panels to tell their story
  • Mobile-first design to reach families on all devices


Engaging Video with Gold Overlay

The soft golden overlay for the video, which is also contained in a narrow white border, brings out the deeper yellow lion in the logo and gives a cohesive feel to the homepage, solidifying Legacy's school brand. The text overlay addresses the website's three main audiences, prospective students, prospective faculty and potential donors with calls-to-action that do not distract from the video but are easily accessible for visitors to continue their journey.


Mobile-First Menu

The charter school's mobile-first design has drop-down navigation for easy access to all main pages and subpages, as well as the links to the most-visited pages like the Calendar, News and Portal login screen. Using Finalsite's Advanced Search, visitors can find what they are looking for within seconds. The menu drop-down design leaves room for a fitting tagline: Your Legacy Begins Here. 


School Navigation

Each of the three schools has its own section of the website, where they can individually manage the navigation and content to reflect what is relevant to each school. For parents, that information is easy to navigate to: custom image buttons highlight each of the age groups to learn more. 


Legacy Voices Testimonial Panel

Testimonials are a great way to share the value of a charter school education. Using Posts, Legacy can display community testimonials on the homepage in this custom sliding panel. The design reinforces Legacy's professional and modern look and lets the Voices stand out. 


Scholar Stories

Legacy uses a second testimonial design element on its interior pages to share stories that hone in on specific topics. Here, on the Culture page, Legacy graduates share specific reasons why the academics at Legacy were top-notch. 


Health and Nutrition Panel

Legacy uses an interactive panel on its Health and Nutrition page to show its commitment to student health and nutrition in a way that is both easy to digest and visually compelling — a great example of a layout that uses strong design sensibility.


Infographics and Calls-to-Action

The "Legacy by the Numbers" section of the homepage highlights the charter school's most outstanding and unique stats in a way that is easier to remember than text. Eye-catching image buttons guide visitors onto the next step in their journey.

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