The Post Oak School

A Montessori School in Houston, TX Serving Children from 14 Months to Grade 12

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The Post Oak School in Texas offers Montessori education for students from pre-K through grade 12. With the introduction of new branding and a new tagline, "Challenge the norm," Post Oak's website is a stunning example of what an innovative design team and a partnership with Finalsite Advantage can do. 

Post Oak's website includes numerous features that help it achieve its marketing goals including: 

  • Interactive design layouts to engage prospective families
  • Mobile-first navigation to engage on-the-go families
  • A dynamic thermometer to showcase giving progress
  • A searchable faculty & staff directory
  • Blogs, content offers, and inbound marketing software to nurture families

Check them out below!


Explore Our Programs Interactive Element

Intuitive, engaging, and interactive design layouts are key to a successful website redesign. Here, prospective families can easily find which age group they are looking for and click to learn more on the respective interior pages.  


Cohesive Branding & Messaging

Post Oak School worked with Finalsite Advantage to identify its strategic marketing goals and create a design to fit the messaging it needed to convey. Each aspect of the design fits the schools overall brand and enables the Post Oak marketing team to create and share relevant content effectively. 



post oak school ebook download page screenshot

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Post Oak admissions team uses timed pop-ups to encourage prospective parents to visit a captivating landing page and download a free ebook. Those who download are enrolled in an email workflow that promotes open house visits and guides them further down the admissions funnel.




Intuitive Navigation

On a desktop, the drop down menu is both visually captivating and easy to follow, displaying primary pages and secondary pages, as well as three key buttons: Inquire, Apply, Give. When users hover over each menu, the photo to the left changes. On a mobile device, the main navigation is uncluttered and touch-pad friendly — important because a key demographic of Post Oak School parents use mobile more than desktop. 



Design Details

The modest use of accent colors adds so much to Post Oak's design and school brand. Here, the small rectangular bars add a spot of visual interest and emphasis on key words without distracting the user. 


Extending the Classroom Interactive Element

Post Oak's unique domestic and international programs from Ireland to China to Managua are a key school distinction. The interactive panel allows prospective program attendees to peruse all of the programs without a lot of digging. The map background is a subtle design touch that emphasizes the school's global reach.  




screenshot of post oak school's testimonial panel layout

Testimonial Panel

Nothing is more compelling than hearing and seeing students and parents who have had a positive experience. The social proof of a well-written testimonial is extremely powerful and set up to be easy to scroll through and read within the homepage design.



example of of student profiles layout from post oak schools

Community Profiles

Community profiles are also showcased on other pages in a different layout. Using the categories and tags in Finalsite Posts, the Montessori school can choose to display either students, staff, parents, and alumni — this flexibility allows the school to cater its content to the audience members viewing that particular page. 



screenshot of post oak school interior page

Image Buttons

There are countless ways to design a call-to-action, but Post Oak's approach of using images is a great way to showcase what life at school looks like. An interactive text overlay prompts users to click if they want to learn more, and a well-placed testimonial below it tells them why they should. 




post oak school make a gift page screenshot

Dynamic Giving Thermometer

Post Oak's custom giving thermometer helps families visualize the school's progress and furthers its campaign goals.



Faculty & Staff Directory

Post Oak's directory is both practical and visually-pleasing. Visitors can see the faces of teachers and administrators they want to contact, as well search and filter through the directory.

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