Tulsa Public Schools

A Public School District Serving 40,000 students across 80 schools in Oklahoma

Mobile Tulsa Screenshot

Tulsa Public Schools is a large school district serving thousands of constituents across more than 80 schools. Awarded gold in the 2018 MarComm Awards, the district’s Best-in-Class, custom design is one of the most innovative and stunning district designs we’ve seen, for that matter!

What's more — this beautiful website maintains stringent accessibility guidelines. Tulsa’s website design and structure meets WCAG 2.0 standards, and went through a thorough QA check prior to launch. In addition, the district uses AudioEye’s Ally Toolbar and managed service. The toolbar allows website visitors to customize their website experience based on their own need — such as changing color contrast or enabling a screen reader — while the managed service keeps Tulsa’s website content accessible at all times, automatically. 


advanced search example from Tulsa Public Schools

Advanced Search

The "Find It Fast" toggle in the top-left corner of the website unveils a search bar with quick links to the top hit pages based on audience. It's easy for website visitors to partake in the user experience they are most used to: searching!


Tulsa Public Schools homepage screenshot

Full-Width Photography

The district’s homepage design features brilliant full-screen photography, a bright color border that changes on scroll, recent news, featured videos, testimonials, district values, and an infographic highlighting the district’s achievements.


Tulsa Public Schools homepage screenshot

Testimonial Panels

The colorful homepage design continues with a bright testimonial panel to highlight students, teachers, and parents who all make up the district's vibrant and diverse community. 


navigation example from Tulsa Public Schools

Simplified Navigation

A drop-down navigation provides quick and easy to access each of the 80+ schools in the district, as well as career listings, parent information, enrollment, news, and calendars. 


Tulsa Public Schools homepage screenshot

Animated Core Values

The district's five main brand colors all come together in an animated panel to represent its five core values. The animation and interactive elements encourage visitors to click on the content and keep scrolling to the next panel. 


tulsa public schools homepage screenshot

In the Spotlight

A key goal for this redesign was to attract and recruit families moving to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area while still keeping the district's current community informed. The Spotlight panel design allows the district to highlight its top news and accomplishment on the homepage and keep school-specific updates on its interior pages. 


Join Team Tulsa page screenshot

Faculty Recruitment Webpage

A district is nothing without its teachers. Tulsa seeks quality candidates with its clear messaging, bright colors and striking call-to-action buttons. Plus, the Careers page receives a prime spot in the main navigation menu, next to Parents and Students.



Edison Preparatory High School page screenshot

Organized School Page Layouts

Tulsa's 80+ schools each have their own section with school-specific information, testimonials, and news. The interior page design brings in elements from the homepage to create a unified and cohesive district brand. 


"Our Teams" Directory

Tulsa keeps department information organized by categories — each image button leads to a corresponding page with subsections. This page is just another example of how well its website caters to such a large district population. If a district with more than six thousand team members can provide an uncluttered department overview, anyone can!


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