Whitgift School

An Independent Day and Boarding School in South Croydon, England

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Whitgift is an independent day and boarding school in South Croydon for students ages 10-18. Founded in 1596, the all-boys school is known for its IB programme and academic success, broad co-curricular programmes, and unique atmosphere which includes peacocks and other exotic animals on the campus grounds. 

To convey such a compelling value proposition with prospective families, the school's newbest-in-class website design incorporates striking student profiles, clever messaging, a subtle peacock motif design throughout, and a clear separation between prospective and internally-driven content. The attention to detail in this design is one for the record books!



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Homepage Animations

The stately typography of the Whitgift logo, coupled with the slightly transparent feather floating down the page draws your attention to the bold declaration: “Transforming boys’ lives through education.” Naturally, the homepage builds on this statement. It tells a story as you scroll with beautifully-designed portraits and testimonials, interactive graphics and bold calls-to-action.


screenshot of whitgift's featured testimonial page


Student Testimonials

The “I am Whitgift” page could win its own award for how to apply text, silhouettes and color into a dynamic, vibrant montage showcasing a talented and diverse school community. Website visitors can dive into this testimonial section to learn more about the students, their passions and all that Whitgift offers to help them thrive and grow. 



screenshot of whitgift's homepage


Interactive Infographics

With Composer's COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) functionality, Whitgift's homepage dynamically displays the latest blog posts, news articles and upcoming events in a palette of pastels. Key facts about the school are displayed with a mix of colorful blocks and typeset numbers which all come together like a piece of interactive art.  Notice also, the subtle peacock feathers in the background! 


screenshot of whitgift's junior years landing page


School Pages

Junior Years, Middle Years and Sixth Form each have their own respective colors, but the overall design and layout is consistent across the Whitgift website. Shown here, Junior Years has a school-specific drop down menu, image buttons and messaging. 


screenshot of whitgift's admissions page


Admissions Page

Whitgift's admissions landing page is a great launchpad for anyone interested in learning more. Colorful, interactive image boxes provide easy access to interior pages in the Admissions section — from upcoming open days, to fees, to how to apply. Before even stepping on campus, families can develop a deep understanding of what Whitgift offers and why they should apply.


screenshot of whitgift's school history page


History Interior Page

Interior pages are just as important as (if not more than!) a school website's homepage. Whitgift's school history page conveys key dates and milestones in an interactive timeline —made to look like none other than a peacock feather! 



screenshot of whitgift's campus map page


Interactive Campus Map

Whitgift's campus map provides families a peak into the campus before they even arrive. It not only does a great job informing prospective families about the school facilities, it also provides current students and families with a useful map in their back pockets as they wander around the gorgeous campus.



screenshot of whitgift's parent portal page


Constituent Portals

While Whitgift's website is a marketing tool at its core, the flexibility and ease of the Finalsite platform also makes it a great resource for school-to-home communications. Parents, students, alumni and staff can easily find information that caters directly to their needs with Portals. 


whitgift school screeenshot of footer


Custom Footer

Even the footer was given special attention! Columns maximize the space to convey critical information, calls-to-action, accreditation and useful links. Plus, the testimonial reminds every visitor just how "astonishing" Whitgift is! 

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