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Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

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Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

Independent School Web Design Portfolio

Our design team deeply understands how to position your school in your competitive market to stand out. From an in-depth discovery process to innovative design concepts, the web designs we've created for independent schools for the last 20 years have their own unique flare, surprises, and hundreds of "ooh" and "ahh" moments.

hotchkiss school website

The Hotchkiss School is a premier boarding school nestled in the humble town of Lakeville, CT. Their Best-in-Class website was awarded "Best School Website" in the 2018 IAC Awards. The site features numerous design enhancements, including embedded video, integrated social media, landing pages and more!


MORE INFO about The Hotchkiss School
the community school website

The Community School was a 2018 Webby Award Honoree — one of the most prestigious and most difficult creative awards to win. Only a small percentage—less than 20%—of Webby entrants receive the acknowledgment of being named an Honoree in their category. The Community School's web design is as innovative and exciting as their adventure-filled curriculum. This is one site that is certainly worth exploring. 


MORE INFO about The Community School
Taft School

When you first arrive on campus at Taft School, the beautiful collection of collegiate-Gothic buildings takes your breath away. In addition to their picturesque campus, Taft wanted to put a spotlight on their passionate faculty, bright students, and close-knit community. Taft School's website was 10 years old and the team knew it was time for an overhaul as it didn't accurately portray a 'first glance' of everything that makes Taft special. Finalsite's deployment team created a beautiful interactive experience, equipped with two microsites for Athletics and Arts, social media feeds, and video marketing. The site recently received a 2017 Communicator of Distinction Award, one of the most prestigious web design awards in the industry.


MORE INFO about Taft School
Punahou School

Finalsite's deployment team was able to deliver a groundbreaking website for the largest independent school in the country. Outstanding functionality and creative features showcase the vast breadth of opportunities, and the site puts a spotlight on the ability for students to find their own unique path through the curriculum in a variety of ways.


MORE INFO about Punahou School

Our Clients <3 Us

Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Toronto

"As a small school, we didn't have a huge budget; still, we recognized that Finalsite was the best of the best. Our school has gone through five different website redesigns. Finalsite is the best company I have worked with for implementation."

Jason Van Allen, IT Director
Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Toronto

St. Junipero Serra School

"I wish to thank Lisa, Kelly and Tom for working closely with us throughout the process by helping us tell our story and successfully executing our vision. They are an incredibly talented team of professionals. The support staff was also very helpful and quick to respond to our requests after deployment and in the same manner, continue to do so since our launch."

Cindy Kennedy, Communications Director
St. Junipero Serra School

Greens Farms Academy

"We were in a situation where we needed a site redesign in a fairly quick timeframe. Finalsite really listened to our needs and provided suggestions and solutions right away. What's really great about working with Finalsite is that they can work with any skill level, from beginner to webmaster. So you have the freedom to be as involved as you want to be, while knowing that they won't leave you stranded."

Frances Moore, Director of Communications
Greens Farms Academy

Pinewood School

"Finalsite was dedicated to realizing our website goals from start to finish. Our clean, inviting, beautiful school is now reflected accurately on our website. We couldn't be happier!"

Katy Catron, Director of Communications
Pinewood School

Peddie School

Wendi Patella, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
Peddie School

Independent School Web Design Portfolio

Jackson County School Image

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St. Junipero Serra Catholic School is a PK-8 independent school that wanted to reinforce their commitment to educating the whole child: mind, heart, and spirit. Their education reaches far beyond the classroom through local outreach activities, parish communities, and by serving those in need throughout the world. There was one issue - their website did not showcase all the school had to offer. Finalsite's Deployment team was able to create a unique design, with fun animations, that shows through parent and student testimonials, the school's love for learning and why St. Junipero Serra Catholic School is the right choice for your child. The innovation and functionality of this design were recognized in the 2017 Davey Awards, when the school took home Silver for their website.

More Info about St. Junipero Serra Catholic School
st. john's episcopal school

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St. John's Episcopal School is located in Dallas, TX, and is home to more than 500 students. The school is dedicated to a program of academic excellence designed to train the mind, strengthen the character and enrich the spirit of each student. To reinforce that message, the school wanted the new website that would as bright and bold as their community, showcase their dynamic energy, and infuse pride and confidence in their faculty and staff. St. John's Episcopal Day School's website offers a one-of-a-kind scrolling experience you won't find anywhere else — you really have to experience it, so be sure to visit their site. You won't be disappointed.

More Info about St. John's Episcopal School
sidwell friends school

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Sidwell Friends School, a well-established Quaker day school in the heart of Washington, DC has been a Finalsite client for nearly a decade. This most recent design aimed to embrace the Quaker values while providing depth and meaningful stories and information to its broad audience. The site affirms the centrality of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of academic and campus life, honoring a multiplicity of voices, making the student voice a priority.  Site visitors will see the "voices" throughout the entire site. Another website priority was to highlight what distinguishes the school -- particularly its programs, clubs and the strength of it’s faculty -- which users can find featured throughout the website.

More Info about Sidwell Friends School
westminster school

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The Westminster Schools, based in Altanta and one of the largest independent day schools in the country, serves a community of over 400 faculty and staff, 1800 students and 12,000 alumni. Needless to say, Finalsite was challenged to deliver a website solution that could capture the incredible depth and breadth of its academic program, its broad outreach and student life opportunities, fundraising initiatives, an amazing campus covering hundreds of acres, and a vibrant school community. A new best-in-class website, with a modern aesthetic, compelling storytelling, engaging visual elements, with simple navigation -- all helped to meet that challenge, but it was also our trusted partnership with the School, who looked to Finalsite to help them with the software they needed to keep the site fresh and as exciting as every day is. This is a site to spend some time on, with lots of special treatments and new approaches to content.

More Info about Westminster
the woods academy

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The Woods Academy is an inclusive Catholic community preparing boys and girls to lead lives of significance. Located in Bethesda, MD, The Woods Academy came into the redesign process with thee main goals: 1. secure the "permanency" of the school; 2. maintain steady enrollment; and 3. launch the Entrepreneurial Leadership Innovation Lab, a center for learning and applying an entrepreneurial mindset, modern technological skills, leadership development and business acumen for students who engage in real-world collaborative projects through innovative curriculum. With their new site, The Woods Academy stands out in a competitive market with a horizontal scrolling website that has received two design awards in the past year. As you scroll, the homepage moves like a storybook, providing both a unique and user-friendly user experience.

More Info about The Woods Academy
ravenscroft school

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Ravenscroft is a Pre-K through grade 12 independent day school in Raleigh, NC — an increasingly competitive market. As a Finasite client since 2008, the school approached us with the desire to go above and beyond, and be more innovative than any other school in their market by providing a unique, yet intuitive, content and navigation experience. In their recent redesign, Ravenscroft’s goal was to inspire audiences to learn more about Ravenscroft, and to facilitate ease of inquiry/visit, application, and “giving” to Ravenscroft. They wanted their site to look and feel unique to Ravenscroft - to be as distinctive as they know they are, and to make sure that their site is unlike (and not replicated by) other schools’ websites. Mission accomplished! The site also received an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Web Awards.

More Info about Ravenscroft
Peddie School

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Guided by the confidence in their motto, “We Finish Our Labors to Begin Them Anew,” Peddie School, a top boarding and day school in New Jersey, is committed to the intellectual, social, and moral growth of each of our students. Peddie turned to Finalsite to create a truly unique website to capture its mission and vision in partnership with their communications team and ongoing branding efforts. Finalsite's content management solution and suite of software modules make it easy for the multimate editors to update content, create new layouts, and develop media-rich pages without any technical expertise -- and with the peace of mind that Finalsite's top-notch support team is available to help.

More Info about Peddie School
Lakeside School

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Lakeside School, a premier day school in Seattle, WA serving grades 5-12, turned to Finalsite for not only a design that suited their academically rigorous, progressive and forward thinking mission as a top school in the region, but also improved ways to connect their internal systems together with Finalsite's experienced integration team. The interactive homepage leads with a provocative statement and walks users through the countless ways a student can experience the diverse curriculum and program at the school. As a school and community based near the homes of Microsoft and Amazon, the website needed to meet the highest of expections, and Finalsite was prepared to take on that challenge.

More Info about Lakeside School
The Hotchkiss School

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The Hotchkiss School, a top New England boarding school in Lakeville, CT, founded in 1891, launched a terrific new website with Finalsite in 2017, having worked with Finalsite for many years already. The new site leverages Finalsite's flexible modules to share news, calendars, photos, athletics information and much more within a best-in-class design that helps the school tell their story every day. Integration allows the school to simplify logins for students, parents and faculty while leveraging their internal databases to avoid redundant information. Drone video draws users into the homepage, while pages like "Alumni Accomplishments" showcase just how special the school's alumni are.

More Info about The Hotchkiss School
the community school

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The Community School is an independent pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade day and boarding school located in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Community School's academics, extracurriculars, and overall experience are adventurous, exciting, and unlike any other school in the country — and they wanted a website to not only showcase that experience, but simulate it. The Community school's new Best-in-Class website draws website visitors in with a design, videos, and photos that mirror the quality of the institution and supports their ambition to have a national and international presence. The homepage projects the essence and differentiators of the school: an education that involves lots of programmatic options, an outdoor program, athletics, arts, teacher/student connections, experiential learning, outdoor program, and an amazing location, as well as the outcome of that: graduates who are great kids with unlimited options for continuing their education. The Community School was also awarded the top honor in the 2017 Webby Awards — one of the toughest award competitions in the world.

More Info about The Community School
choate rosemary hall

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Choate Rosemary Hall, a top New England boarding school serving grades 9-12, has been a client of Finalsite's for over decade and has gone through several redesigns. In the latest iteration, Choate's goal was to launch a cutting-edge website that reflects their commitment to innovation and reinforces their desire to enroll students who are highly academic and motivated, independent and mature, yet collaborative by nature. Their site tells the story of a community where students are encouraged to take calculated risks, follow their passions, and become active community contributors with a global view and openness to understanding others. Live@Choate, a showcase for their social media, and other features, such as Choate by the Numbers, are one of many examples of how a school can leverage Finalsite software in a stunning design.

More Info about Choate Rosemary Hall
Brooks School

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Established in 1926 in the town of North Andover, Brooks School provides a co-educational, college preparatory program for 380 students on a 270-acre campus overlooking Lake Cochichewick. The school has a well-established reputation in a stunning setting, and wanted an innovative way to showcase all they have to offer. , The goal for the new Brooks site was to inspire prospective students to inquire and plan a visit, because once families visit the campus and sit for an interview, they are almost certain to apply. This means it was essential for website visitors to get a sense of the Brooks campus, community and culture within that first 7-second first impression. To accomplish this, Brooks selected a Best-in-Class design — our top design package. The site feature a sticky mega-navigation, embedded video and a scrolling, storytelling experience that provides a solid balance of marketing pieces that highlight signature programs and accomplishments, and current news stories to engage current families as well. The site also recently received the "Best School Website" award in the 2017 Web Awards, judged by the AVA.

More Info about Brooks School

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