International School Web Design Portfolio

Whether you're a small IB school in Rome, or a large international school in China, our pragmatic design team understands your needs (and even the time difference!) and works with you to craft a site as unique and diverse as your campus culture. We understand the importance of first impressions since many perspective families don't have the chance to visit your school prior to enrolling, which is why our team takes the time to bring your campus to life online.

We even offer multi-language sites so that you can showcase your school in any language, custom directories, campus maps, embedded video, and virtually any design enhancement you can dream up to share what makes your school unique.

awty international school website

Awty International School is Houston's premier international school with a rigorous IB curriculum. Awty International School's Best-in-Class website took home gold in the 2017 MarCom awards. The site features parallax scrolling, embedded video, a sticky navigation, use of Finalsite's Portals, a mega-navigation with call-to-action buttons — and dozens of other special treatments to "wow" their website visitors.


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Western Academy of Beijing

The Western Academy of Beijing was recognized by the 2017 AVA Digital Awards with a Gold Award for their Best-in-Class website. This prestigious worldwide award honors excellence in digital creativity, branding, and strategy.

WAB is a leading non-profit, independent IB World School in China. Founded in 1994, WAB prides itself on innovative and highly qualified teachers, world-class facilities, diverse community, warm and supportive environment and service-oriented culture. 1,400 students from over 50 countries are the focus of WAB's learner-centered atmosphere, and are encouraged to take their place as responsible citizens of the world.


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Schools Around the World <3 Us

Tanglin Trust School

"Finalsite was very responsive, and we found using the online project management tool easy to use and good for dialogue. We were able to track project milestones, log any concerns and communicate with the support and design teams. Finalsite was supportive and kept the project moving so that we could meet our deadlines, very important for a busy school and Communications team."

Nur Firzillia, Communications (Technical) Executive
Tanglin Trust

ISC Research

"Finalsite was very patient and helped us get it just right – without making us feel like we were a nuisance. It was a somewhat organic, non-linear process, and we had plenty of time to develop our ideas as they kept evolving. We did not want to rush into our first ideas but involve others on our team who could help tune the messaging to get it just right."

Anne Kneeling, Communications Director
ISC Research

Suzhou Singapore International School

"We chose Finalsite for a number of reasons primarily because we had already had a good working relationship for three years and were happy with this, we felt that it would make the transition to a new site easier, we knew Finalsite could deliver what they promised and, of course, the pricing was competitive"

Kim Jacobson, Director of Marketing and Admissions
Suzhou Singapore International School

International School Ho Chi Minh

"Our new Finalsite website has been a revelation for our community and enabled us to truly demonstrate who we are as a school. It is easy to create and post content for the communications team and intuitive to navigate for our stakeholders and potential families. The structure provided ensures a structured, clean and readable site that we are proud to be associated with as a progressive school. Moving to Finalsite was one of the best things that we have done in the past 5 years."

Tara Oldfield, Director of Marketing and Communications
International School Ho Chi Minh

Concordia International School

"We are also in a very competitive market so realized that we needed to stand out from the crowd, which is why we chose Finalsite. Our website is not just for prospective families; that it is a virtual home for our current community is equally critical."

Kelly Jo Larson, Senior Director of Communications and Strategic Planning
Concordia International School

Be Inspired By Some Amazing International Websites!

international school of paris homepage screenshot

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The International School of Paris, located in the heart of Paris, has over 50 years of rich history and is home to over 700 students from around the world. In late 2016, the school created a new mission and vision and needed a new website to match. With Paris as their classroom, their site engages visitors with photos, videos, social media and authentic content from their community. The scrolling homepage does a great job providing a comprehensive overview of all the great aspects and opportunities at the school. This site is also dual language, further engaging native French speakers.

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inter-community school zurich homepage screenshot

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The Inter-Community School Zurich (ICS) is a fully accredited and renowned international school in Zurich, Switzerland. As an IB World School established in 1960, ICS provides personalised education for students 3 to 19, including a bilingual diploma option. Their new site draws in visitors with a phenomenal video that uses an uplifting melody coupled with words showcasing their vision and mission. As you scroll through the homepage, the motion, color palette and overall attention to detail makes this website a piece of art. The site includes authentic parent content to further justify to prospective families the fine reputation and success of this school. In the primary school, the Rigour, Relevance and Resilience theme resonates, in the middle school they highlight their amazing teachers and in the IB Diploma they complete the story with top university admissions. A great journey that families can understand.

More Info about Inter-Community School Zurich
zurich international school homepage screenshot

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With more than 1,450 students at four unique campuses, Zurich International School offers an extensive educational program with all the benefits of size but the intimacy of smaller settings. Their website redesign uses best practices throughout and the attention to detail is to be commended. The homepage tells a very complete story of the school in video, in images and through authentic content from their community. Visitors are encouraged to “Follow Their Path” and learn more about the extensive academics and extracurricular activities the school offers. The homepage pulls in social media from many platforms further encouraging visitors to engage with the school’s site. Furthermore, ZIS has created a very welcoming section for prospective employees. Visitors can spend a lot of time on this site and never get bored.

More Info about Zurich International School
the kellett school homepage screenshot

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The Kellett School – the British International School in Hong Kong was founded in 1976, the Chinese Year of the Fire Dragon. The parent founders sought a high-quality, British-style education, rich in the Arts and in Sports. The homepage, complete with a dragon logo, does an incredible job telling a complete story about the school. Great images, infographics, authentic stories, news and calendars items enable visitors to get a comprehensive view on all the school has to offer. As you dive deeper into the site, unique page elements along with videos make for an engaging experience.


More Info about The Kellett School
geneva english school homepage screenshot

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Founded in 1961, Geneva English School is an international primary and secondary school with campuses in Geneva Switzerland and offers education for children 3-18 years old. Their new website does a great job showcasing their core values of teamwork, community, respect, courage, opportunity and integrity. With videos, calendars and news, and calls-to-actions, visitors are encouraged to explore all that the school has to offer. Their secondary navigation helps guide prospective families on a logical journey to learn more.

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harrow beijing school homepage screenshot

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Harrow Beijing, founded in 2005, enjoys a strong link with Harrow School London and with the other Harrow International Schools in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Unifying their link is the educational expertise forged at Harrow School London over hundreds of years, and in their core mission - Leadership for a better world. With over 1000 students and growing, Harrow’s admission-focused site encourages visitors to learn more. By highlighting their rich history as well including stories of today, Harrow does an excellent job showcasing their commitment to excellence. Clean lines, concise text and powerful images have huge impact.

More Info about Harrow Beijing
fairgreen international school homepage screenshot

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Opening in 2018, Fairgreen International School is an Esol Education school, part of a family of high performing international schools in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Cairo, Nicosia and Lebanon. Their new site successfully highlights the benefits and richness of the Esol network including international accreditation, university recognition, a global alumni network and professional qualified teachers. The site does a great job selling the value and mission of this new school and encourages prospective families to learn more. The school's focus on innovation and sustainability is showcased throughout the site as well, further differentiating their school.

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american school of paris homepage screenshot

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American School of Paris is an international, coeducational, independent school of more than 700 students in 3-year-old programs through Grade 12. Founded in 1946 as the first international school established in Europe, ASP has a rich heritage and continues to be a leader in the world of teaching and learning. From the second visitors land on the school's scrolling homepage, they are engaged with great photography, parallax scrolling, infographics and news. The mega navigation does a great job leading visitors throughout the site and includes call-to-actions to further engage. The site also succeeds in emphasizing their rich heritage, vibrant community and robust academics.

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the american international school vienna homepage screenshot

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Operating since 1959, AIS today proudly serves almost 800 students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. They celebrate a rich diversity, with over 50 countries represented. From classrooms to sports fields, and from concert halls to volunteer outreach, students develop intellectually and interculturally while practicing commitment, leadership, and meaningful self-reflection. Their website redesign greats visitors with amazing photography coupled with news and a clear navigation guide for users to learn more about the school.

More Info about The American International School - Vienna
tanglin trust school homepage screenshot

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Since 1925, Tanglin Trust School (Tanglin) has been educating a diverse cohort of students in Singapore, and now, 92 years later, close to 2,800 students and a staff of more than 600 are fortunate to call this school home. Their site not only captures a visitor's attention on the homepage, but the design flair, attention to detail, well-crafted content and vibrant imagery throughout the site invoke emotion and encourages visitors to further engage with the school. The new site also helps families looking to relocate to Singapore gain a more authentic understanding of all the great qualities the school possesses both in and out of the classroom.

More Info about Tanglin Trust School
beijing city international school homepage screenshot

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BCIS is a not-for-profit, independent, co-educational day school. BCIS acts as a pilot school offering education reform and innovation through international educational practices that incorporate 15 grades of schooling, from pre-school to grade 12. The school creatively and authentically implements the Chinese national curriculum through Early Childhood, and the Primary, Middle and IB Diploma Programs. When you land on this site, you are greeted by bold colors coupled with Chinese characters. The logo unifies the site with its creative placement in infographics and in the navigation. The mega navigation enables visitors to quickly find the information they desire while also encouraging them to take the next step and apply. This site also includes a comprehensive section showcasing their faculty and staff.

More Info about Beijing City International School
international school of zug and luzern homepage screenshot

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ISZL is an independent, co-educational, non-profit day school serving the international community of Central Switzerland by providing a comprehensive education from early years to university preparation, from ages 3 to 18. With their website redesign, visitors are greeted with colorful animation and photographs providing immediate engagement. The homepage tells a complete story and guides users to learn more. ISZL has a comprehensive Community Voices page so visitors can see the school from the eyes of various constituents including not only students, but also faculty, parents alumni and more: real stories making a real impact.


More Info about International School of Zug and Luzern
st. mary's international school homepage screenshot

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St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo is a Catholic all-boys school providing an environment wherein positive self-esteem can fully be developed and where learning is promoted at a pace appropriate for boys. Their mission is to Instruct, to Educate, and to Impart Christian Values in a safe and nurturing environment. Their website redesign leverages clean lines, a streamlined navigation with classic colors and style. The opening video montage brings to life their motto: A School with a Heart. Their site is concise and powerful so that visitors quickly get a good impression. Their public facing site is designed to engage prospective parents while they utilize portals to communicate with current students, family and faculty. This pristine site does a great job reflecting the character of this school and the values it holds.

More Info about St. Mary's International School
international school of tanganyika homepage screenshot

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IST is an independent, private, not-for-profit day school located on two campuses in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. IST offers rigorous academic programs coupled with a wide range of extra-curricular activities serving close to 900 students from age 3 to grade 12. Their redesign capitalized on Finalsite theme sites, and does a great job utilizing the colors and shape of the logo to create a very coherent design. The quick links provide visitors with easy access to key pages, while the interior pages do a great job using tabs and other design elements to make it easy to process information. A good combination of text and images enable visitors to quickly get a feel for the school.


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international school of hamburg homepage screenshot

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With over 60 years of rich history, the International School of Hamburg is home to nearly 800 students. Offering the International Primary Curriculum, the IB Middle Years and the Diploma Programs, students become inquiring, ethical and risk-taking adults for the 21st century. With their rich history in the large port city of Hamburg, their website redesign uses nautical elements such as an anchor and waves to help users visualize their motto of “Embarking on a Voyage of Learning”. Visitors are drawn immediately into the site and taken on a journey. Their bright and colorful site welcomes visitors and radiates all the amazing things prospective families want to see when visiting a school’s website. A brief sail around this site and you will notice fine attention to detail and engaging content that truly tells their story.

More Info about International School of Hamburg
the british school of amsterdam homepage screenshot

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Founded in 1978, the British School of Amsterdam is a leading international institution with over 900 students. Their values are to create a stimulating and caring environment, enabling all pupils to realize their potential. Their website redesign showcases happy, engaged students and quickly draws visitors in to learn more. Each school section is clearly marked and coupled with a mega-navigation to enable visitors to quickly find the information they desire. The website footer does a great job putting into perspective the school’s location while at the same time showcasing the diversity of the school.

More Info about The British School of Amsterdam
american school foundation

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The American School Foundation on the west side of Mexico City was founded in 1888 and is the oldest operating accredited American school outside the US. The primary goal of their redesign was to create a visually attractive, clean, and easy to navigate website that would serve as the central source of information for their internal constituencies. Finalsite accomplished this goal by helping create a series of portals where timely information could be provided to parents, students and faculty. A secondary goal was to provide information about the school to prospective families. The homepage uses a clean design to showcase their long history of academic excellence, their multitude of programs, and school vibrancy through bold colors, infographics, strong photography and clear call-to-actions.

More Info about American School Foundation
western academy of beijing

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The Western Academy of Beijing is a leading non-profit, independent IB World School in China. This school is home to over 1,400 students from over 50 countries. This award-winning website uses best practices throughout, and from the moment a visitor lands on the homepage, they are taken on an amazing journey. The focus was narrowed to be outward facing for admissions, marketing, advancement with the main navigation including action words like "Learn, Discover and Apply." The site showcases engaging content that utilizes bold, vibrant images to tell their unique story not only on the homepage but on interiors pages as well.  The iconic colored squares used throughout the site in both static and parallax effect are inspired by the "11 Reasons to Come to WAB" and reflect the school colors, logo and web experience and are integrated throughout the site, providing unique connectivity.

More Info about Western Academy of Beijing
global indian international school

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The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is an international school group founded in 2002 in Singapore. GIIS now operates 23 schools in 7 countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. GIIS needed consistent messaging and branding across all the schools with clear navigation to guide users to the correct school. Finalsite created a new design that was able to highlight the key messaging of the group as well as enabling each school to communicate their information while maintaining consistent branding. Each scrolling homepage tells the story of each school and invokes an emotional response through the use of amazing photography and engaging content.

More Info about Global Indian International School
concordia international school

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Concordia International School of Shanghai in China is home to 1200 students from around the world. They wanted to convey the details of their community through their online presence and allow visitors to see inside the walls of the school without having to visit the campus. They also wanted to stand out from the crowd in a busy market. From their stunning and unique homepage, to the attention to minute details in the interior pages, the Concordia Shanghai Best-in-Class website does all this and more! Read their case study here.

More Info about Concordia International School
cayman international shool

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Cayman International School, located in the Cayman Islands, is a college preparatory school governed by International School Services. The school wanted their new site to be the focal point of all of their communication efforts both internally and externally.  Their new site highlights their amazing location, international community and collaborative teaching style, and features a clear, easy to navigate homepage with engaging photos and imagery.

More Info about Cayman International School
branksome hall asia

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Branksome Hall Asia is an independent educational institution located in South Korea educating over 900 girls. The school opened in October 2012 and is the sister campus of the Canadian school Branksome Hall. Their redesigned site showcases their purpose-built, aesthetically appealing, and technologically advanced environment that enables world-class learning and teaching in both boarding and day scenarios. Their website pulls visitors in with great photography, vivid colors and engaging call-to-actions.  Strong messaging round out this site to make for an overall “remarkable” experience.

More Info about Branksome Hall Asia
american school of bombay

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The American School of Bombay is a college preparatory day school with over 700 students and is in Mumbai, India. A Finalsite client for over a decade, they have always pushed the envelope with bold vision, the latest in technology and cutting-edge designs. They pride themselves in their community and wanted their website to share this through the eyes of their teachers, parents, and students. As their main marketing vehicle, they engage visitors from the moment they land on the site through stunning photography and engaging content. Their Motto of DREAM, LEARN, SERVE permeates throughout the site and captivates visitors and encourages them to learn more. This award-winning site encourages visitors to learn more and take the next step.

More Info about American School of Bombay
american school of milan homepage

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The American School of Milan, Italy is an American-International school offering both the American High School Diploma and IB Diploma programs and boasts of 780 students from over 50 countries. Having worked with Finalsite for nearly a decade, their big shift for their new site was to focus primarily on prospective families, while current family content was moved to the Finalsite’s password-protected Portals. It was a philosophical change for the school and required a delicate balance. Their new site features a scrolling homepage offering quick access to videos, news and calendar events, while showcasing their in-house photography, which truly captures the vibrancy of their school. Their current and relevant content encourages visitors to come back to the site.

More Info about American School of Milan
american school of guatemala

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The American School of Guatemala is a bilingual college preparatory school educating over 1600 local and international students. With a very active parent community, AS Guatemala is proud that generations of families continue sending their children and grandchildren to the school with upwards of 35 percent of their students coming from legacy families. They realized their bulletin board style website needed to be upgraded, and with tuition the primary source of funding, the focus of their redesign was to drive admissions. In working with their Finalsite deployment team, they were able to craft a new website that matches their strategic goals. From the engaging homepage video, to stories showcasing meaningful lives, to an infographic featuring successful outcomes, prospective families are inspired to learn more.

More Info about American School of Guatemala

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