Virtual Graduation Microsite

A well-planned virtual experience can elevate the milestone and give families a memorable archive. 

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Celebrate seniors by adding a Graduation Microsite to your Digital Campus

Graduation is a milestone and for seniors, missing out on this pivotal experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic is heartbreaking. So make alternative plans with a little pomp and circumstance.

Graduation Microsite Screenshot
Graduation Microsite Screenshot
Finalsite's Graduation Microsite is the perfect way for students, families and faculty to celebrate each other, say their goodbyes, and look to the future with hope and resilience.

Learn how our team of digital marketing experts can help your school with a graduation microsite that can house:

  • Live Stream and/or Video Graduation Ceremony
  • Featured Speakers Bios, Photos and Video
  • Senior Profiles, Photo Directory
  • A Space for Family and Friends to Leave a Message
  • A Social Media Mashup
  • Longer Term Digital Memories and Archive

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