Virtual Admissions Microsite

A fully-equipped platform for attracting, engaging, and recruiting prospective families.

When families can't come to campus — let them see what it's like to be there.

Finalsite's Virtual Admission Microsite has all you need to bring your school community together on your campus, regardless of whether your doors are open or not.



"Finalsite was dedicated to realizing our website goals from start to finish. Our clean, inviting, beautiful school is now reflected accurately on our website. We couldn't be happier!"



Virtual Admissions Microsite Slideshow Header


Sliding Header 

A full-page width header just for your admissions program ensures prospective families can find all the information they’re looking for within one or two clicks. Customize the header with your school's logo and menu text, with support for links to subpages or back to your website's homepage. Grab visitor's attention with an "Apply" call-to-action that's fully customizable.



You Belong Section Virtual Admission Microsite

You Belong

The YOU BELONG section grabs your visitor's attention right away and makes them feel at-home on their first visit with a compelling introduction to your school. An optional Register button allows visitors to take immediate action. Provide even more information with a large, attention-grabbing image or video to really tell your school's story. 


Virtual Open House Virtual Admissions Microsite

Virtual Open House

Showcase everything your school has to offer entirely online with the ability for prospective families to sign-up for admissions events in-person or online. Even if your school doesn't have admissions events to promote, use this section to display personal messages from the Head of School or Head of Admissions with a corresponding pop-up image or video.


Why Your Schoo Virtual Admissions Microsite

Why Your School

Powered by Finalsite's powerful and flexible Posts module, the Why Your School section provides you with a visually-compelling way to show off what’s special about your school through whatever content you choose in a grid-style layout. Use this section to highlight individual components of what makes your school special, your school's approach to education, award-winning staff, your school's unique location, the strong traditions that continue to power your school's standards, and anything else you desire. The choice is entirely up to you with the ability to change each part whenever you want!


Testimonials Virtual Admissions Microsite


Tell your school's unique story through the equally unique voice and thoughts of community members past and present. Capture visitor's attention with one strong quote from the student or staff member, then link to a more in-depth profile to tell that individual's complete story. Use the slideshow format to showcase current student's school pride, past student's successes and accomplishments, and dedicated staff who make everything possible. Add as many or as few profiles as you want with the ability to add or remove profiles whenever needed. 


Remote Learning in Action Virtual Admissions Microsite

Remote Learning in Action

Highlight your school’s remote academic programs and showcase how your teachers advance student outcomes whether the learning is happening in-person on campus, remote, or a hybrid combination that combines both styles. Tell powerful and engaging stories of how your students and teachers have adapted to the shift in learning from home, tell stories from parents who have seen their students succeed with remote learning, and outline your school's approach to remote learning in the upcoming school year to ease the mind's of concerned families.

Finalsite's Virtual Admission Microsite is the perfect way to introduce prospective families to your school even when they can’t visit your campus in person.

Learn how our team of digital marketing experts can help your school with a Virtual Admission Microsite that:

  • Provides a fully-equipped platform for attracting, engaging, and recruiting prospective families
  • Showcases successes and compelling stories through student, alumni, parent and faculty testimonials 
  • Helps to showcase your academic learning plans - whether in person, online, or hybrid
  • Draw prospective families into your admission funnel with clear calls-to-action
  • Proudly show-off your school campus through a virtual tours, open events, and more!

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