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Double Diamond Awards 2019

Join Finalsite for the inaugural Double Diamond Awards at Finalsite University 2019 in Chicago 

Introducing Finalsite's first-ever awards all about you!

  • The work you do on your sites every day to create compelling content using Finalsite modules and tools is inspiring.
  • We want to put your outstanding work in the spotlight!
  • Every school and district, no matter size, location or budget, can participate. 
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These prestigious, fun, inspiring -- and sparkly(!) -- awards are designed to showcase client-produced awesomeness. Have exceptional uses of Directories, Portals, and Resources that you'd love to show off? We have a category for that! Created an amazing content offer or Theme website? We have a category for that! Proud of your Google search performance and ads? You guessed it, we have a category for that!

How to participate:

  1. Read the award category descriptions below
  2. Fill out the form to nominate your school (or any other Finalsite school) for any award.
  3. There are no limits to the number of categories for which you can nominate a school.

Our esteemed panel of topic-expert judges will rigorously consider all submissions entered by Friday, May 3. We will then announce the selection of no more than three nominees per category on Friday, May 17

Then, join us in Chicago at Finalsite University on June 21 for our first-ever red carpet award show! We especially hope all nominees will attend in person. We promise it'll be an event you won't want to miss. We look forward to seeing you there!

2019 Award Categories

Bang for the Buck Time Saver

Most compelling example of how Finalsite software has saved staff time, or reduced time spent on one task to free up time for another task or process. This award is well-suited for schools that have made the most of their digital presence with particularly limited time and/or resources. Are you a one-person MarComm shop? A half-person shop?! This award is right up your alley! Tell us a great story about how your workflow has improved since adopting various Finalsite products.

Content Offer

Most compelling use of inbound marketing methodology via a content offer (e.g., downloadable viewbook, e-guide, video, etc.). Not sure what a content offer is? Quick blog post here. Hint -- it's not a public page with a PDF or flip book version of your viewbook. 


Most compelling use of Directories to tell a story about the school community. Show us how you use Constituent Elements combined with other content (think videos, testimonials, quotes, stats, infographics, etc.) to provide the utility of a searchable directory while also marketing what's so special about your community. 

Forms Manager

Best use of Forms with or without payment. Show us a form you created for an unusual purpose, or with a complex set of conditional fields that make it easy to navigate an otherwise lengthy form, or a form that has had particularly impressive outcomes/submissions. Please share a link to the form itself as well as stats/data, if relevant. 

Google Analytics Used to Influence Decision-Making

How did you use Google Analytics data to determine a better way of doing something? Did you make significant changes after monitoring website traffic, keywords, page performance, or campaign performance? As long as Google Analytics data was the catalyst for the change, we want to hear your success story! What did you analyze, what did you learn, what did you change, and what were the results?

Google Search Campaign Ad Group Concept

How did you go beyond typical Google searches for "private schools in [my town]" to reach searchers who were likely to have an interest in what your school offers? Walk us through your ad campaign goals, target audience, strategy, and outcomes. Submissions are welcome from schools who handle digital ads themselves, or with a professional partner like Finalsite Consulting Services or a third-party provider. No restrictions!


Highest or most improved open rates, deliverables, and click throughs on an email you sent using eNotify or Messages. Explain the changes you made to your outbound emails to impact outcomes. Examples: a parent newsletter you overhauled, an annual event invitation you redesigned, a fresh annual fund campaign, and more.

*Note: please provide name and date of the sent email as well as the open rate and clickthrough rates you'd like the judges to compare.

Page Pops

Most compelling use of Page Pops. Show how you've gone beyond standard text to convey an important message to your community. Did you craft a clever Snow Day announcement video? Embed a form in a PagePop to boost Open House registrations? Use a Page Pop for something Finalsite folks have never thought of before? C'mon -- blow our minds!


Best layout for a parent landing page (can be public or password-protected). Tell us why your layout is right for your school. Did your overhaul it from a previous version? What were you trying to accomplish, improve, or change? What impact did you see? For portal makeovers, we encourage you to submit "before" and "after" screenshots. 

*Note: If you submit a password-protected page, Finalsite may display it on our blog, at the awards ceremony, in a webinar, etc. We're happy to gray-out any sensitive info. 


Most compelling use of school-built Posts. Show us how you've thought outside the box for using Posts to share content beyond standard news and blogs. The judges will focus on your goal, strategy, creativity, content, organization, tags/categories, layout, and usability -- not on fancy design you may have paid Finalsite to implement for you. The judges want to be thinking, "they used Posts for WHAT?! Amazing!"


Most compelling use of Resources (e.g., photo galleries, document libraries, podcasts, video galleries, music libraries, etc.) to showcase your school and reach new audiences. Did you use this new module to display a ton of media-focused content you had no easy way to do before? Did you come up with a cool layout on your own? Are your videos and podcasts and photo galleries simply mind-bogglingly fabulous?

Theme Design

Most compelling use of a Theme design. Judges will compare your current site to the base template your school selected (and to other sites that use the same Theme). Show off your spectacular photography and videos! Your clear navigation! Your story-telling slideshow captions! Your laser-focused marketing messages! We want to see the best of the best. What sets a super-star Theme site apart from an average Theme site is the content and creativity you put into it. 

Submit Your Awesomeness Here

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