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Summer Camp: Build Your Digital Campus

A 6-Week course to Attract and Engage Families in a Virtual World

As the doors to your physical campus remain closed, the doors to your Digital Campus are open.

This free free six-week course will help you you hit the ground running in the fall with the tools and strategies in place to attract and engage families, streamline communications, and make meaningful connections even when face-to-face opportunities are limited. 

Summer Camp Lessons


Summer Camp Instructors & Facilitators

mia major headshot

Mia Charette (Major)
School Marketing Consultant

kristen doverspike headshot

Kristen Doverspike
Inbound Marketing & Social Media Manager

risa engel

Risa Engel
Chief Marketing Officer

jake sturgis headshot

Jake Sturgis, APR
Founder & CEO, Captivate Media & Consulting

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"Every time I leave a Finalsite webinar, I feel inspired. They are always packed with useful information, concrete examples, and directives broken down into easy-to-digest steps. The speakers are clear, to the point, and answer questions that are asked."

Caroline, St Mark's Cathedral School