Finalsite Prep | Platform Training

Finalsite Prep is an ideal opportunity for website administrators to get trained in Composer and the most frequently used modules. Learn new tips and best practices to help you make the most of the Finalsite platform.

While all Finalsite clients are welcome to attend, new site admins benefit most from these one and half days of training by Finalsite experts. 

Our most recent Finalsite Prep has passed, but stay tuned for upcoming dates!

At Finalsite Prep You'll:

  • 🖥️ Receive 1.5 days of virtual training in real-time on Composer and its related modules — Posts, Calendars, Messages and Resources. (View the complete agenda)
  • 👋  Have plenty of time to network with fellow web gurus and share ideas and strategies for making the most out of Composer.
  • 🙋 Get one-on-one attention from our Support team to answer your biggest questions.
  • 🙌  Walk away feeling ready to conquer all your website projects with ease!

laptop using Finalsite Composer

"Finalsite Prep was such a great experience! I felt like I learned so much and can't wait to translate that to our website."

Amelia Iverson, Walnut Hill School for Arts

"I am just getting started with Composer and this event was very helpful. It was great to meet everyone and I am looking forward to more training sessions in the future!"

Siobhan Battista, The Gilbert School

"I was able to put the training to use immediately (before even leaving the class!) and I'm confident that I can use what I learned to make Pingree's site better than ever."

Leah Hancock, Pingree School

"The training was extremely beneficial and I learned so much. The staff is engaging and answered so many of my questions."

Lindsey Principe, Billings Public Schools