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Self-Guided Finalsite Platform Training

Get trained in the Finalsite platform at your own pace.

Take your classroom with you. Learn how you want to learn.

With interactive pages, searchable videos, practical exercises, and graded knowledge checks, Finalsite's guided online training will walk you through all the essential components of our Composer platform, and it's many modules, to transform you from a Finalsite beginner to Composer pro, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Customize Your Learning Path

We know everyone doesn’t learn in the same way, so we’ve created several different ways to engage with training materials. Follow our New Administrators learning path if you’re brand new to Finalsite and not sure where to start, or listen to our pre-recorded Webinars, or even join us for some live Webinars on advanced and specialized topics.


Choose the Way You Interact

No matter where your busy work day takes you, Finalsite Training is always available! Squeeze in some training or get caught up on basics during your lunch break or commute, or spend an hour or two diving deep into the advanced sessions from the comfort of home. On laptops or phones, all of our content is optimized to be as simple to use and follow as possible.

Sample of Training Courses

How to Access Finalsite Training

To access Finalsite Training, you need access to Composer. You will find the training under the support bubble.

If you need assistance, please contact your Client Success Manager.