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Fixer Upper: School Website Edition

A  6-Part DIY Course to Take Your Website from Drab to Fab

person working on a laptop and notepad at a construction site

Recent survey data says that a school’s website is the #1 factor in a family’s decision to apply or register. Is your website up to the challenge?

Join our school web design experts for a six-part course that will provide you with all the tools, tactics, ideas and inspiration you need to get your website ready for what comes next. 

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Meet Your Course Instructors

Ritsa Lafond Headshot


Ritsa LaFond
Director of Client Solutions

Red Abbott Headshot


Red Abbott
VP of Consulting Services

Kristen Dovespike headshot


Kristen Doverspike
Senior Growth Manager

Tracy Tigchelaar headshot


Tracy Tigchelaar
Lead Advantage Consultant