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Finalsite Statistics

Chat With an Expert

Matt Wolinski

"The new site has driven a 33% increase in admissions inquiry traffic and conversions this year over last year!"

Matt Wolinski
Director of Admission and Financial Aid
St. Andrew's School, DE
Becky Marsh

"Our social media audit produced the data I needed to move forward with several initiatives including launching a social media ad program that has produced AMAZING results so far this year."

Becky Marsh
Director of Communications and Marketing
The Whitfield School
Aaron Schorn

"Finalsite has given me the freedom to focus on authentic content creation, which is the heart of our digital marketing and storytelling."

Aaron Schorn
Hawai'i Preparatory Academy
Cindy Weir

"From website development and content management systems to SEO/PPC and FinalsiteApply, we are advancing our institution because of the robust partnership with Finalsite."

Cindy Weir
Director of Enrollment Management
Seacrest Country Day School
Ted Parker

"Finalsite Learn helped to clarify expectations, organize student and teacher workflows, and create easily navigable shared spaces to connect our students and faculty with each other and online educational resources.

Ted Parker
Assoc. Head of Upper School & Academic Dean
King School
Colleen Adams

"From news to athletics, forms to online gift processing, media and email, Finalsite has developed effective tools that are easy to learn and use by many members of our staff."

Colleen H. Adams
Director of Communications
Fairfield College Preparatory School
Susan Shafer

"We consider our relationship with Finalsite to be a partnership. We know they have our best interest at heart, and they are always willing to explore new possibilities with us."

Susan Shafer
Director of Communications
Brentwood Academy
Sarah Cowen

"The reason we've been finalsite clients for 10 years now? Responsiveness, creativity, sound advice, and all-around good people."

Sarah Cowen
Director of Communications
St. George's Independent School
Fr. Charles Latour

“Open lines of communication are key to building a thriving school community. The Finalsite platform provides us with an intuitive and convenient vehicle for sharing information across our stakeholders.”

Fr. Charles Latour, O.P.
Archbishop Hannan High School
Patrick Coyle

"Finalsite is the most essential tool we use to connect and engage with our entire community because it allows us to remain current and connect with constituents all over the world in a user-friendly way."

Patrick Coyle
Director of Marketing & Communications
Georgetown Preparatory School

"I like to think I'm the guy who is always looking ahead, thinking of the next great idea to make our school perform better on the web. But the truth is, I've been smart enough to hire Finalsite twice now because they're the ones who do all that."

John LaPerch
Webmaster/ IT
Forman School

"A lot of people that we work with are tech savvy, so I want to give them the ability to control their own content, without opening up the whole site — and Finalsite made that really easy to do."

Rachael Hanley
Director of Online Communications
Williston Northampton School