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Are you interested in learning what changes you could make to your website to attract, recruit and retain more of the right students? Join the 500+ schools who trust Finalsite's expert advice to attract and engage more website visitors, and sign up to receive feedback on your school's website.

Your free, 30-minute website consultation includes:

  • An analysis of your school's performance in search to identify areas of improvement
  • A review of your website's design, structure, and functionality to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Expert advice on your website, search performance and digital strategy
  • Some key areas of improvement you can implement now
  • A final grade that defines your website performance, and PDF of comments to share with your team and leadership
  • A no commitment, no obligation promise. By us hearing directly from you, we learn more about how our platform compares as well as the solutions it can potentially offer (or not offer) to a team like yours. We are learning too. So, no strings attached — really.


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