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Fordham prep

Fordham Preparatory School

How Fordham Preparatory School Gained Visibility Over the Entire Admissions Funnel

In order to ensure the school continued to thrive and grow each year, they needed greater visibility over the entire admissions process and a tool to help them communicate and engage with their prospective and returning families.

The Problem: A Lack of Ease & Information

Corey Punter, Associate Director of Admissions at Fordham Preparatory School, shared that before adopting Finalsite's admission and enrollment product as their enrollment management system, the Fordham Prep team wasn’t able to capture a detailed picture of families throughout the admissions process. They needed more data, greater transparency, and an easier way to communicate with families year-round.

“We were looking for a system that was more dynamic, and able to bring ease to the admissions process, not only for ourselves but also for our parents and prospective students,” Corey recalled.

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At A Glance

Fordham Preparatory School is a private, Jesuit, all-boys high school located in the Bronx, New York City. The school prides itself on three critical components: faith, scholarship, and service.

The Solution: A User-Friendly, Customizable Enrollment Management System

Corey and the Fordham Prep team chose Finalsite Enrollment for its functionality, customization, internal visibility, and the ease it provides. “It provides so much transparency throughout the admissions process, and I think that’s key. We’ve gained insight into the admissions process at every stage and every level,” Corey said.

They also wanted a mobile-friendly system to provide a better user experience for their families. Corey shared, “The software not only provides us with information we can use on a daily basis, but it also helps us reach our families in a new way. One of the biggest benefits is the customization. You can customize so much within your application, events, requirements, checklists, you name it. You can tailor what you need and how you want people to move through your admissions process. It’s user-friendly and you can work from virtually anywhere.”

The Result: A Clear Vision & Simplified Process 

“We’re able to communicate our requirements effectively, and families are able to complete admissions and enrollment requirements easily. We’re able to do our job well and enroll an awesome, robust class, which is what we did this year,” Corey observed. 

The enrollment management software helps the Fordham Prep team serve their families well, communicate at each step of their enrollment journey, and obtain detailed data that they can use to meet their goals year after year. 

“Make the switch now. It will make your life easier and alleviate you of administrative and tedious tasks so you can focus on engaging and marketing your school effectively. You will not regret it,” Corey said. 

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