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Graland Country Day School

Graland Country Day School

How Graland Country Day School Personalized and Simplified the Admissions Process

In order to keep its growth on the rise and create a personalized admissions process that made it easy for families to apply, Graland needed a more malleable enrollment management platform to enable the deep customization the school sought.

Graland Country Day School


At a Glance

Graland Country Day School is an independent school serving pre-K through middle school students. Located in Denver, Colorado, the school incorporates a rich, experiential learning approach in a traditional classroom setting, emphasizing the development of globally and socially conscious leaders who excel academically.

The Problem: A Generic Admissions Tool Lacking Support

When Dalia Quezada, Associate Director of Admission at Graland Country Day School, first started working at the school, the admissions software Graland was using at the time wasn’t fulfilling its needs or supporting the school’s unique admission process. 

“Our biggest struggle was our previous platform wasn’t adaptable. We didn’t have the tools we needed to create an admissions process that worked well for our office and was simple for our families,” Dalia explained. 

The Graland team also struggled with the limited customer support available to them. Dalia expressed “Whenever we had an issue, we had to call 1-800 number and it was hard to get a hold of someone. Every time we called we talked to someone different and they didn’t understand the needs of our school.”

This resulted in confused parents, excess work for the school, and the need for additional tools outside of the old enrollment management tools to support the admissions process. 

The Solution: An Adaptable, Well-Supported Admissions Tool

“What makes Finalsite's admissions and enrollment product different is the fact that they truly understand the admission process for independent schools. Something we really value is that the team understands admissions in the big picture, but they also understand that every school operates differently and every school’s admission process is a little bit different. It offers the opportunity to customize the enrollment process to our particular needs.”

The enrollment management platform allows Dalia and the entire Graland team to manage their admissions and enrollment workflow, process all of their inquiries and applications online, and enroll new students with ease. 

Dalia and the Graland team chose to implement the software because it allowed Graland to customize every step of the admissions process, while also receiving the customer support the team desired. Dalia shared, “There is always somebody available to answer your questions, troubleshoot any issues, and take your feedback into consideration as they explore different ways to improve their product as well.” 

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The Result: A Reduced Load, Delighted Families, and Improved Efficiency

“We’ve been using it for almost three years now and are very happy with the results. The ROI is very high, with the biggest return being the level of efficiency. Our admission process is much more efficient now. We have an enrollment management platform that truly supports our admission process and makes everything in our process very simple for our families, especially completing applications. The software benefits both our office and the families at our school.”

Graland’s team is also enthusiastic about the level of customer support.. Dalia said, “The customer support is incredible. I can get a hold of someone very easily. And whenever I contact somebody, they know my school, they know our particular database, and they are always ready and available to help.” 

With an enrollment management platform that molds to fit their needs, Graland Country Day School is able to continue to grow, reduce unnecessary work, and focus on giving its families the best possible experience. 

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