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Lincoln Academy

How Lincoln Academy Recruits Diverse, Best-Fit Boarding Students From Across the Globe

Lincoln Academy is committed to finding best-fit, diverse students from around the world to attend its boarding and day school. In order to ensure they continue to thrive, the school needed a user-friendly and highly customizable admission and enrollment management platform.

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Lincoln Academy is an independent, comprehensive secondary day and boarding school serving students in grades 9-12. Located in Newcastle, Maine, Lincoln Academy is grounded by its values of community, diversity, character building, and opportunity. The school’s students represent 17 countries.

The Problem: Finding Right-Fit Students from Diverse Backgrounds

Lu-Shien Tan, Director of Admissions at Lincoln Academy, shared that prior to adopting Finalsite's enrollment management product, his team was using tools that were much more expensive and still didn’t offer the functionality and features they needed to succeed. 

“A lot of school CRM software is very utilitarian and cold. The features are lean, every page looks the same, and it takes a lot of time to figure out how to navigate the portal interrupting my workflow. It doesn’t feel like it’s customized to your school. I kept tripping up with how difficult it was to add data and information. Other solutions were lacking important features or too expensive.”

It was difficult to find the information they needed quickly, especially while they were talking to families. Additionally, their previous enrollment management platform wasn’t customized for the school’s needs. The result was a clunky, feature lacking, and far too expensive tool that wasn’t helping the school find best-fit students or work efficiently. 

The Solution: Investing in an Effective, Mission-Focused, User-Friendly Tool

In order to enable Lincoln Academy’s admissions team to stay focused on finding best-fit, diverse students, the team chose to implement Finalsite's enrollment management software. As Lu-Shien put it, “It’s elegant, seamless, intuitive enough to use in real-time when talking to families, and the information is collated in an accessible manner. It’s easy to use.”  

The admissions office leans heavily on the software for the admissions interview process with students and to interact with prospective families. The tool allows them to interact with data and talk to families synchronistically. Lu-Shien said “the data capture is seamless. It feels natural.” 

Lu-Shien also noted the personalized customer service and product design, saying “by far their customer service is the best, the helpline makes it easy to pick up the phone and figure out how to do things. It’s so personal. They make you feel like they designed the product just for you, customized for your needs, and made to fit your specific school.”

He went on to say, “The product removes distractions to help keep things as authentic as possible, which is supremely important in the way we run our school. It leverages our vision. It's a part of how we want to interact with the world and how we do school.”

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The Result: Meeting Enrollment Goals with a Strategic, Data-Driven Approach

“The real ROI is that it helps us find strong-fit, highly resourced, academically gifted students with different perspectives and backgrounds. Having a platform that can match a creative selection process like that is invaluable. Getting the right fit of kids and making sure that you are in the zone every time you’re interacting with people versus being frustrated by technology’s limitations will change how your office does things. The real value SchoolAdmin brings is an exquisite tool that makes work feel less onerous and tedious. It offers a seamless solution,” Lu-Shien shared.

Lincoln Academy is able to do more than ever before with a tool that makes it easy to digest information and make informed decisions. The user-friendly interface ensures that they spend less time digging through data and information, and more time making impactful data-driven and strategic decisions. 

Additionally, the school’s admissions team can have full confidence because they’re backed by award-winning customer support and a company that truly cares about bettering their product and meeting the needs of each school. 

Lu-Shien explained, “The customer service and commitment personified by the help desk has exceeded our expectations. SchoolAdmin also has a really aesthetic, elegant user interface. But I think the thing that really stands out is the customization. Finalsite is constantly rolling out features in their product that show me they are committed to the admissions process at the boarding school level.” 

“The ability to create, strategize, and make massive decisions quickly and efficiently and not be distracted by a software and its interface is one of the most profound benefits,” Lu-Shien Tan expressed.

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