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The International Christian School of Budapest

For a school actively recruiting students from across the globe, making data-driven decisions is crucial to The International Christian School of Budapest’s ability to find mission-fit students and their families.

However, for several years, the international school didn't track key metrics to determine how many prospects and inquiries were required to fill certain classes and track year-over-year enrollment trends.

Furthermore, re-enrollment at ICSB involved manually filling out various paperwork and forms for different departments and school levels, which proved confusing and tedious for both parents and the school office.

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At a Glance

Established in 1994, The International Christian School of Budapest is a co-ed private Christian school for ages 5-18 with an English-language curriculum that aligns with the American educational system.

As the school looked toward the future and was about to celebrate its third decade in operation, ICSB knew it was time to explore enrollment management solutions that would simplify the process, enhance the experience for families, and stay competitive on a global scale for years to come.

With a website already powered by Finalsite, integration with its enrollment management system, Finalsite Enrollment, was a logical choice to help start making sense of the data and provide users with the experience families expect.

Streamlining the Admissions Process

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Collecting data on admissions and enrollment trends and outcomes is crucial for international schools; with many diverse families relocating in and out throughout the school year, it adds another level of complexity to enrollment management.

“One of the most significant benefits of using Finalsite Enrollment has been streamlining our admission process,” shared Szilvi Lazar, director of advancement and admissions at ICSB. 

“We have more insights into how to deliver more effective student interviews, track documents, and measure test results across different grade levels. This improved efficiency impacts our admissions processes and the experience for the families.”

Szilvi added, “With a 1-person admission office, having a system that allows automation for every step of the way, including automated emails based on completed steps in the process, automated email reminders, and branded, personalized templates for mass emailing that pull parent and applicant info into your communication, it is a game changer. It saves so much time and produces prompt, personalized, consistent, and professional communication every time.”

Tracking Key Metrics

Data collection and analysis provide admissions with valuable insights into its processes that were previously unavailable, like tracking inquiries, applicants, and acceptance rates.

“Finalsite Enrollment helps us by having everything online in one place,” Szilvi said. “Tracking progress with the admission and enrollment checklists and the centralized communications that can be automated is a huge help. “

Now, those metrics are easily accessible and ready at a moment's notice. “By looking at the entire funnel, we can identify areas for improvement,” Szilvi added. “Now we can make data-driven decisions that positively impact our enrollment numbers.”


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Customization and Flexibility

Previously, their limited access to analytics caused the teams to pause and review its admissions forms and processes to determine the right data and expected outcomes. One of the key questions the school asked was, “From a global view, what are the data points and information we need to capture from prospective applicants?” 

Building and editing custom forms now allows the school to adapt the system to their specific needs and requirements, ensuring their admission process remains efficient and effective. 

“Obtaining key data points from custom forms and targeted application questions allows us to recognize where clear calls-to-action are present and where there may be friction points along the way,” shared Szilvi. “The data tells the appropriate path to take and when to switch to a new strategy. The depth of customizability truly sets Finalsite Enrollment apart from any other product, none of the other enrollment management software offers such flexibility.”

Enhancing the Admissions Communication Strategy

Together, a school’s data efforts and communication strategy provide essential guidance for asking specific call-to-action questions to prospective families.

  • Did your communication prompt a family to take the next appropriate step?
  • Are families reviewing your email or ignoring them? 
  • Does the personalized touch improve your admissions process? 

ICSB saw an improvement with these three questions. With its new data tracking, the school implemented several automated and personalized communication strategies with applicants and their families, improving the efficiency of their communication but also helping build strong relationships with prospective families.

“Our communication strategies are improved and sent faster to prospective families,” Szilvi said, adding that following the data allowed the team to focus on the “right” messaging and each family's individualized needs, a process that has resulted in nearly double the number of inquiries.

“More importantly,” Szilvi added, “instead of random emails, 90% of the time, they come via a submitted inquiry form, which streamlines our process and allows for automation and tracking right away.”


By implementing Finalsite Enrollment, ICSB has streamlined processes and improved communication and tracking of key metrics. This much-welcomed shift replaced paperwork, saved their team time and resources, and ultimately resulted in a significant increase in inquiries and applications. 

In fact, after the first year of using Finalsite Enrollment, ICSB saw a 73% increase in started applications and an 88% increase in completed applications.

“The implementation process was long, mostly because we were revamping our whole admission procedure at the same time. As we discovered what Finalsite Enrollment was capable of, we were inspired by the many great features and kept adjusting our processes accordingly. The implementation and training teams were amazing, we had all the resources (best practice articles, training webinars, etc.) at our fingertips every step of the way.” 

At ICSB, staff and faculty pride themselves on their ability to prepare students for a life of integrity and follow Christ wholeheartedly, every day. Because of that foundation, the school believes, students are ready to take on the world. Now, confident in providing an even better experience for both prospective and current families, they certainly are.

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