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Taipei American School

Streamlining Admission with Finalsite Enrollment

The diverse community at Taipei American School (TAS) believes education should be a transformative experience, and as one of Asia’s top independent schools that welcomes families from around the world, that experience often begins with an online introduction.

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At a Glance

Taipei American School (TAS) is one of Asia's top independent schools providing an American-based education from PreK to Grade 12.

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TAS had recently undergone a website redesign and visual refresh but the TAS team still needed help with aspects of its enrollment process, like managing a large volume of files, handling extensive waitlists, and an inefficient application review.

The initial excitement for the school was strong, but the experience wasn’t carrying through to its admissions and enrollment experience. TAS Director of Admissions Michael O'Neill, a ten-year school veteran, knew a change was necessary and wanted the enrollment process to complement the beautiful new digital experience.

O’Neill needed an enrollment platform that allowed the team to send branded and personalized communications, easily track data, and offer seamless integration with Finalsite’s content management system, Composer.

In a short time, TAS implemented Finalsite Enrollment, optimized its operations, and customized workflows — a strategic overhaul designed to streamline efficiencies, enhance communication, and improve the experience for prospective families worldwide.

“The adoption of Finalsite Enrollment marked a significant shift toward a more unified and efficient system for us,” O'Neill said. “With a user-friendly dashboard, a branded application portal, tailored communication plans, and a streamlined review process, the software enables better collaboration between our admissions and marketing teams.”

Finalsite Enrollment’s ability for parents to keep their login credentials year to year provides a more simplified, organized approach to applications and returning families. “That’s particularly helpful to those reapplying over multiple years because it removes the need to create new accounts every year and reduces data redundancy,” O’Neill added.

Integration with the School Website

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The integration of Finalsite Enrollment with Composer, Finalsite’s website content management system, has significantly improved lead generation via sophisticated nurture campaigns. 

For example, when a family inquires, registers for an admissions event, or selects a convenient time to visit campus using Finalsite Enrollment’s calendar scheduling feature, their contact information automatically enters the system, allowing the TAS marketing and admissions teams to begin a nurturing campaign and send personalized communications and content to families. 

Reaching Families Around the World

With 30% of its students hailing from 35 nations around the world, personalization and cultural sensitivity are crucial for TAS. “Instead of a one-size-fits-all all, Finalsite Enrollment provides school-branded dynamic content that enables tailored communication with families,”  O'Neill said. “This extra touch sets TAS apart from other schools families might be considering or applying to. Our admissions team found new synergy, enhancing our ability to connect with and serve our diverse community effectively."

“The review process has simplified tasks for me dramatically,” shared TAS Admissions Officer  Angela Mackenzie. “Now I can focus my time on the things that matter more to our families.”

Streamlined Onboarding for New Families

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“The onboarding experience for new families has been seamless,” O’Neill said. “And guiding families smoothly from the enrollment contract to the first day of school has been a game changer,” adding that with personalized logic, TAS provides a first-day welcome video to new and returning students.

The school also includes resources and forms for course selection, staff and faculty contact details, and important division-specific information. This personalized approach sets a great first impression for new families and gets them up to speed without overwhelming or inundating them with new information. 

One first-year parent even commented, "The onboarding checklist made our transition to TAS seamless. Everything was easy to manage, and in one place, so we were able to plan well in advance of the school year.”

"As we look to the future, we are excited about further enhancements to improve our processes in the evolving admissions landscape,” O'Neill shared. “Our journey exemplifies how embracing technology and fostering integration across teams can revolutionize admissions processes, offering a more engaging, efficient, and personalized experience for families and administrators alike. We see promising possibilities ahead.” 

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