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Creating an online conference platform

As in-person gatherings make their return, online and hybrid experiences are now expected as viable options that support conference events. But with each iteration,  attendee expectations have risen beyond a one-page conference site with a skeleton agenda.

For many conferences and associations’ events, a more comprehensive and branded experience is needed to justify the cost and travel — and not just for registration, but also to host the program and provide resources for attendees during and after the event. 

Every year, the Tri-Association hosts its Annual Educators’ Conference, bringing school leaders and educators together from 15 countries to connect and learn the latest school improvement and staff development ideas. With its three sub-regional organizations, (AASCA, ACCAS, and ASOMEX) the association supports 79 member schools and 71,900 students with a mission of nurturing mutually supportive communities to transform learning.

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At a Glance

The Tri-Association is a non-profit organization, comprised of private, accredited, independent schools, offering an American-style education, and residing in three geographic regions throughout Central America, Mexico, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

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Creating a conference website

When the Tri-Association was evaluating event marketing platforms, each vendor had additional costs. However, as seasoned users of Finalsite’s content management system (CMS), Composer, and having participated in many of Finalsite’s virtual events, including Finalsite University, School Marketing Day, and School PR Day, the Tri-Association knew the power and flexibility of the CMS.

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“At the Tri-Association, we value our partners! We have been Finalsite clients for 10+ years and have always received great support,” shared Communications Coordinator Alejandra Abreu. “When looking into logistics for our conference we wanted to present our learning opportunities in a clear and easy-to-use platform. After looking at several options, we chose Finalsite’s Composer to build and host our conference website.”

As a professional organization for educators who understand the importance of online learning, the Tri-Association’s conference site needed to be functional, engaging, and practical to support their first in-person event in several years.

Building an online conference platform

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With assistance from the Finalsite Client Success team, the association got to work creating a microsite, complete with multiple pages and subpages featuring the agenda and session descriptions, the presenters with photos and bios, registration forms, sponsor information, logistical details, and more. 

Using Composer’s Post module, the team was able to create content once, then easily update and display that information throughout the microsite site, such as the daily conference agenda and detailed profiles of speakers and keynote presenters.


“The C.O.P.E feature (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) was life-saving and so efficient,” Abreu said, adding that the time-saving feature proved critical since conference information was frequently updated, right up to the start of the event.

Finalsite Forms were also used to create the delegate registration form, as well as more complex sponsor registration forms with dynamic fields, all embedded directly on the event site in a branded and mobile-friendly format.

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Post-Conference Success

“We received very positive feedback about the conference microsite,” Abreu shared. “Delegates found it easy to view the conference information on their mobile devices as they continually checked their phones for session locations and any updates.”

Following the event, the microsite was used to host the post-event recordings, presentations, and additional resources for registrants. Delegates continue to access content for on-demand viewing throughout the year.

Now that the work of creating the microsite is complete, the Tri-Association team can reuse content and the framework in the coming years while making adjustments and improvements as necessary. 

“What I liked best as the primary creator for the microsite was that I did not have to use another app nor learn how to use a different platform,” Alejandra said. “I was pleased to work with my own website, a platform I am used to, and most importantly. the support. I was thankful for my Finalsite support team!”

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