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InResonance’s cost-effective database solutions aim to increase schools’ productivity and innovation through a suite of open, customizable databases built in FileMaker® Pro software. Linked web apps bring flexibility to admissions and enrollment, registrar functions, and fundraising and constituent management, all in a simple, intuitive user interface that is scalable to meet the differing needs of upper and lower schools—its pared-down Sandbox product effectively serves K-8 schools with software tailored to them.

Finalsite's integration with inResonance functions off of datasheet exports that are generated by inResonance and sent to Finalsite's servers securely. These are fully automated syncs and allow us to create and update constituent information, create and update classes, and populate classes with the appropriate student rosters.

Finalsite offers a single sign on option with inResonance that will allow users to pass from Finalsite into inResonance into the FAM, SFO, or RWS modules.

Download our datasheet to get more information.

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