Your FinalsiteApply Admissions Portal Got a Facelift!

Your admissions portal is about to have a whole new look because FinalsiteApply is getting a face lift!

We've taken a few nips here and made a few tucks there in order to make the admissions portal on your FinalsiteApply site more engaging for your users! But the latest update brings in a whole suite of new features and updates that are great for you and your applicants, including:

A Responsive Interface

One of the biggest adjustments is to the layout of the site. Applicants can now inquire, apply, request a tour, check their application status, and more, right from their smartphone or tablet because the front-facing and family portal areas are now responsive!

New FinalsiteApply Interface

Streamlined User Experience

We've tucked the navigation over to the left side of the screen as well. Making this change has allowed us to be able to add a new "Alerts & Notifications" section as well that will keep your parents apprised of email notifications, status changes, checklist reminders, and more!

In addition to "Alerts & Notifications," parents can easily switch between students by using the student dropdown in the top of the left navigation. This allows them to focus on each student's checklist individual to ensure they have everything completed for the admissions process.

FinalsiteApply Interface

Outstanding invoices are now more prominent on the page as well, and located above everything else on the Dashboard. Also, centered on the Dashboard, parents will see the progress of their applicant's admissions status and know immediately if their child has been accepted to your school!

We will be rolling out the new look to your site starting on January 25th!

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