10 Proven Strategies For Amazing District Email Newsletters

  • On-Demand Webinar

This webinar was part of an NSPRA professional development series.

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Did you know: an email is 6x more likely to get read than a tweet, and 5x more likely to get read than a Facebook post? Even though your community spends a lot of time on social media, they still prefer email for receiving important messages and communications. But do your email newsletters meet their evolving needs and expectations?

In this 30-minute webinar, Finalsite's Content Marketing Manager Mia Major unveiled ten proven tips for creating email newsletters your community will love! And don't worry — these tips are guaranteed to save you time, too!

  • Basic email marketing benchmarks for districts
  • Best practices for email design, content, and engagement
  • How to increase engagement with simple changes to email content and structure
  • Tips for interpreting analytics
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Public Schools