10 Ways to Make Your School’s Content Less Boring

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Today’s family is completely saturated by content. On social media, in their email inboxes, and on their phones, they are bombarded every minute of the day — and your school is tasked with creating content that cuts through the noise. (That means somehow making Sophomore testing schedules sound more exciting than viral dog videos and carb-free cookie recipes!)

Join Content Marketing Manager Mia Major to learn new ways to make your school’s content — including email, news, blogs, and social posts — relevant, fresh, fun, personalized — and anything but “boring.”


  1. How to spot and eliminate boring content from your school’s line-up
  2. The qualities of engaging content for email, social, and your website
  3. How to make your content exciting and engaging, even with limited time and budget
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing/Communications