A Study and Analysis of "Why" Pages

Learn how a "Why" page can impact your admissions activity from this data-backed research study.

In a study and analysis of 70 schools across the globe — including boarding, small k-8 day, medium k-8 day, and international schools — this e-book takes an data-backed approach to sharing best practices, trends, and strategies for success on "Why" pages — pages covering unique attributes of a school's culture, values, mission, philosophy, and the like, as well as relevant facts.

Some of the study's most remarkable findings include:

  • 90% of schools in the research study have implemented SEO strategies on their "Why" page
  • 20% of schools have at least one video on their "Why" page
  • 85% of all schools in the study have a page describing their unique attributes

Based on these findings, this eBook shares:

  • Best practices for building or improving your "Why" page
  • Examples from the best "Why" pages found in the study
  • A variety of benchmark statistics for your own comparison