Building Your Brand to Bolster Fundraising: Finding and Creating Alignment Between Institutional Priorities and Donor Passions

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If your organization is to move beyond fundraising by "need" and beyond transactional fundraising, you need to build both a rational and emotional case for why people should give. 

Join Sametz Blackstone founder and CEO Roger Sametz to learn how to move constituents from thinking about fundraising as "this is something I should do" to "this is something I want to do!"

You'll learn how to build a strong brand and ingrain your school's meaning, relevance, purpose, value, and values into the minds of all visitors, significantly increasing the likelihood that constituents will contribute to your mission.


  • How to increase fundraising participation across your community by aligning priorities with passions
  • Tips on building a strong brand that resonates with potential donors
  • The internal and external research and analysis you need to develop authentic messages.

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