Schools Opening in Light of COVID-19: A Global Panel Discussion

  • On-Demand Webinar

Since we started our webinar panel series in March, so much has changed with schools, and after months of closures, some schools are starting to re-open. Children once again can be heard on campuses in Asia and Europe.

Finalsite CEO Jon Moser met with schools in a fourth panel discussion to discuss their approaches for reopening, their challenges and strategies, importance of their digital campus, as well as their plans for the future. 

Meet the Panel:

Kevin Lynch, Director of Marketing + Communications
Shanghai American School, China

John Mikton, Head of Education and Media Technology
International School of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Philippa Scudds, Director of Marketing and Communications
Canford School, United Kingdom

Kyle Aldous, Director of Communications
Singapore American School, Singapore

Wayne Rutherford, Director
American School of Milan, Italy

Chuck Putney, Website Project & Content Manager
Central Catholic High School, USA

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