Creating Noteworthy News Pages

  • On-Demand Webinar

The "news" section of your district's website (and individual school websites) is one of the most visited sections. But is it meeting the expectations of your community?

Download this webinar to learn from Content Marketing Manager Mia Major simple ways to transform the "news" section on your website to make content more engaging.


  1. Different ways to display news on your website and best practices for ensuring content gets seen
  2. How to build a better news page that follows the same best practices as The New York Times and Buzzfeed
  3. Simple tips for writing better headlines and content
  4. And more!


As Finalsite's Content Marketing Manager, Mia plans and executes a variety of inbound marketing and digital content strategies. A former TV and news reporter, freelance cinematographer and certified inbound marketer, Mia specializes in helping schools find new ways to share their stories online through web design, social media, copywriting, photography and videography. She is the author of numerous blogs, and Finalsite's popular eBook, The Website Redesign Playbook.

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