Processes to Improve Communication on Your Homepage and Interior Pages

What do the interior pages of your website (academics, athletics, school board, etc.) look like? Is content organized and easy to find? Or is content cluttered and confusing?

Wilton Public Schools' Director of Digital Learning and Instructional Technology Fran Kompar and Public School Client Success Manager Gerard Gustafson provide expert tips for simplifying the user experience of the most important interior pages on your district's website. Fran also shares her firsthand experience with improving her district's interior pages over time, and how to tackle the project so it isn't overwhelming.


  • Simple tips for improving the usability of top-hit interior pages like academics and athletics

  • Tactics for prioritizing content, creating a timeline, and setting goals to make sure the work gets done

  • How to use content management tools effectively to save you time and simplify the process

  • And more!