Improving District Communications: Strategies from Successful Districts

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Learn strategies for improving school-to-home communications.

Your district's teachers, parents, and students want to be informed about upcoming sporting events, inclement weather cancellations, where the school play is taking place — the list goes on and on.

How can you do so successfully, without completely overwhelming your under-staffed office?

Client Success Manager for Public Schools Gerard Gustafson and Assistant Manager of Product Education Keegan Soncha discuss the top strategies for communicating with district families in 2018 and share best practices for your website, email, and social media, and answer FAQs such as newsletter frequency, how to get more engagement on social media, and more!

Download this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Effective strategies for school-to-home communications
  • Tips for better emails newsletters
  • How to stop using so many PDFs
  • The role of your school's website and social media in communications
  • Recommended tools for success, including calendars, password-protected portals, athletic scheduling, and more!
  • How our top districts are implementing these effective strategies

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