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The Inbound Funnel: Nurture Campaigns And Workflows

  • On-Demand Webinar

Once you have new prospects in your funnel, how will you continue to communicate with them?

In 2019, it can't just be through bulk, general messages. Using personas, personalization and content, you need to build strategic nurture campaigns that gently move families through the funnel.

Join Chief Product Officer Lauren Barth and Product Manager Daisey Fahringer to learn the ins and outs of successful nurture campaigns.


  • How nurture campaigns can build a better relationship between marketing and admissions

  • Different types of nurture campaigns and how to use them

  • Email best practices for the new school year

  • How Finalsite's "Workflows" module works to simplify the nurture campaign process

  • How Finalsite's integration with Ravenna and OpenApply make the admissions funnel run smoother than ever


Lauren joined the Finalsite team in 2009 as a member of the integration team. As the Chief Product Officer at Finalsite, Lauren oversees the development and innovation of Finalsite's products. With customer feedback as motivation, Lauren works closely with her team members to ensure that we get great software into the hands of our clients as quickly as we can.


Daisey has been with Finalsite in various capacities for nearly fourteen years, and now serves on the Product Management Team as a Product Manager overseeing the direction of modules such as Athletics, Apply, Blogs & News, Forms, and more.

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